Sigrid Macdonald

Sigrid Macdonald - Editor

Weston, FL, USA

I enjoy editing and proofreading fiction, memoirs, and nonfiction books.

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I am the owner of Book Magic. We provide proofreading and editing for fiction manuscripts, memoirs, and nonfiction books. Book Magic has been operating for more than twenty years, and I personally have edited more than 350 books. My staff has worked on countless more.

Over the years, I have worked with six publishing houses across North America and the globe. I'm currently affiliated with two. I am also an author of three books so I know what it's like to hand a manuscript over to a complete stranger. Here, we treat every manuscript as if it were our own.
English (AUS)
English (CAN)
English (UK)
English (US)
African American fiction
Christian Fiction
Historical Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Mystery & Crime
Self-help & Self-improvement
Sex & Relationships


  • Proofreader


  • Best grammar blog of 2011

Work experience

Owner and Editor

March, 1999 – Present (over 21 years)

I am honored to be a part of the process that allows authors to hold their own books in their hands, sometimes for the first time.

Owner and Editor

January, 1999 – Present (over 21 years)

Portfolio (10 selected works)

Finding Lisa

Macdonald, Sigrid

The Wayside (The Dowrra Series Book 1)

Gordon, A.A., Macdonald, Sigrid, Irwin, Rick, Bolton, Sheena

Public Service

Knight, Colin, Macdonald, Sigrid

Twice Dead: A Lieutenant Beaudry Novel

Kent, Michael, Macdonald, Sigrid

Bloodline (The Dowrra Series Book 2)

Gordon, A.A. , Macdonald, Sigrid, Irwin, Rick, Bolton, Sheena


Van Dyke, Lamar, Damonza, MacDonald, Sigrid

The Pink Triangle (Kari's Love Book 1)

Macdonald aka Tiffanie Good, Sigrid

April Returns (Kari's Love Book 2)

Macdonald aka Tiffanie Good, Sigrid

The Wall Of Broken Dreams

Barrett, Duke, Macdonald, Sigrid, MacDonald, William

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