Nicole Sholly

Nicole Sholly – Editor

Development editor helping authors write the books they're meant to write. I focus on memoir/consumer tech/business. Worked with Wiley.


My career began in technology book publishing with Wiley where I mostly wore two hats: closely collaborating with authors and editors to create impactful content while also coordinating workflow among those team members in addition to production staff, copy editors, designers, and technical reviewers. I built my reputation on keeping book projects in scope, on schedule, and under budget, but my true passion is and has always been working directly with authors to help them create the book(s) they're meant to write. I've worked with hundreds of authors and corporate brands including Macy's, Office Depot, and Rackspace.

Every successful book project begins with a conversation, where we get to know each other. I like to review material ahead of time (book synopsis, outline, drafts, whatever you have to share), so I can be fully prepared for our initial meeting. From there, we'll collaborate on the outline, to ensure the structure of the book is in place. With a solid foundation, editing and revising can go much more smoothly. I'm generally a hands-on editor, diving into the text to move content around as needed, cut what's not enhancing the overall theme(s), and adding content to fill in any gaps. However, I can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Computers & Internet
English (US)
  • Wiley Team Pacesetter Award 2012

Work experience


Feb, 2017 — Present

Writing a book is a solitary endeavor except that it isn't. Open a book to the acknowledgments page to see just how many people it takes to bring each book to readers. I love being part of that process, collaborating with authors one-on-one to create the book that readers can't put down. Whether you have a draft written or are working on the outline (or are anywhere in between), I can help you shape your thoughts and ideas into a compelling story with an overarching theme that resonates with readers.

Pithy Wordsmithery

Jan, 2022 — Dec, 2022 (11 months)

Pithy provides clients with a range of editorial services, including manuscript evaluation, ghostwriting, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, cover and interior book design, and self-publishing support via Amazon KDP.

● Advised clients on self-publishing best practices, including formats and pricing
● Hired and managed the Books team: project managers, editors, coaches, designers, publishing assistant
● Guided clients through self-publishing and helped them reach Amazon bestseller status, including Dan Cremons (Winning Moves: 105 Proven Ways to Create Value in Private Equity-Backed Companies) and Roger Braswell (Stepping into the Moment: The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur)
● Forecasted and tracked budgets

Commercial Article

Jul, 2005 — Dec, 2014 (over 9 years)

Commercial Article is an Indiana design history journal published by Commercial Artisan, an Indianapolis-based design firm. I edited seven issues of Commercial Article:

● Gene and Jackie Lacy
● Fred Bower
● Avriel Shull
● Marshall Studios
● Leslie Ayres
● Norman Norell
● Walter Dorwin Teague

Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Apr, 2000 — Feb, 2014 (almost 14 years)

The project editor develops manuscripts and project manages the book from TOC development to final proof review.

● Served as the go-to editor who provided feedback on sample manuscripts to coach new authors
● Edited several editions of the bestselling Windows For Dummies
● Helped many new authors realize their dreams of publishing a book, including Kelly Senyei (Food Blogging For Dummies) and Joe Hutsko (Green Gadgets For Dummies)
● Expanded the brand through eLearning courses (for which I won an award), DVDs, and digital-only books
● Documented internal processes
● Mentored junior editors