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Sara Salam

Sara Salam - Ghostwriter

Newport Beach, CA, United States

Sometimes, we forget human beings are our audiences. Let's create literature that's informed by and resonates with the human experience.


Sometimes, we forget it is human beings who are our audiences. In order to meet our goals and objectives, we need to refine our understanding around what it means to be human and tailor our messages accordingly.

What does this mean? It means first understanding what we want our readers to take away from our writing, and building a narrative around those goals in a way that resonates and makes readers feel a part of the vision.

A published writer since age 11, I enjoy crafting narratives informed by the art of being human.

Book Ghostwriting Short-Form Content
English (US)
Children's Books (Non-Fiction) Computers & Internet Philosophy Psychology Travel


  • Predictive Index Certified Analyst

Work experience

People Strategist
August, 2017 – Present (8 months)

I focus on content that explores what it means to be human in the workplace. Many companies don't take into consideration the nuances that come with managing people in a world driven by technology and process.

Therefore my work's goal is to identify opportunities for companies to adjust their tactics to maximize the performance of their people, in a way that makes their people happy and also generates productivity for the business.

How does this relate to writing? In my near 20-years of writing, I've learned to first understand what the goals and objectives of each piece are, and formulate a narrative which leads the reader to piece together the intent of the piece and understand the message in a meaningful way.

Writing is my creative outlet to share a form of the work I do, using an approach that humanizes and personifies a vision.

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