S. Vollie Osborn

S. Vollie Osborn - Editor

Burbank, CA, USA

I'm an editor who loves helping a writer develop his or her distinctive voice and finding the best way to serve the story.

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I love to work with writers across a wide variety of mediums - comics, novels, screenplays, short stories, etc. - from initial idea all the way through to finished product.
English (CAN)
English (UK)
English (US)
Action & Adventure
Comics & Graphic Novels
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Plays & Screenplays
Science Fiction
Short Story
Thriller & Suspense
Women's Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs

Work experience

Writer, Editor, Grant Writer

January, 2008 – Present (about 13 years)

Freelance Writer, Editor, Grant Writer 2008 - Present

Author: Authored a novel, Tunis, from the initial ideas phase through planning and outlining, several drafts, editing and revisions. Substantially increased readership with my written essays and op-ed pieces for websites such as Singularity Hub. Successfully brought about the completion of an exciting and engaging pitch reel for the documentary series Man on a Hunt.

Editor: For the past 8 years, assisted writers and creatives to exceed their goals on a wide diversity of projects,
• Focused narrative and language for Alice Moore on her novel Disappear Here from its initial creative process through outlining and four unique, interest generating subsequent drafts.
• As a Story Editor, guided Alice Moore’s short story, The Water Festival, which was subsequently selected as a winner of the Words, Pauses, Noises writing competition.
• Helped push the Sundance Producer’s Lab selected film King Jack past roadblocks and through narrative difficulties so that it could go on to win the Audience Choice Award at the TriBeCa Film Festival.
• Served as story consultant and narrative analyst on the both the screenplay and novelization of Biohacker. Guided the author to overcome significant story and structural issues in order to keep the project ahead of schedule on several drafts.

• Successfully completed a novel, Tunis, which is now under review by top tier agents and representation firms.
• Wrote and directed the pitch reel for a documentary series Man on a Hunt, which generated considerable interest among major cable broadcasters such as Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and The Learning Channel.
• Guided the writing of the short story The Water Festival, which was then selected as a winner of the Words, Pauses, Noises writing competition.
• As a story consultant guided the film King Jack to win the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Executive Director

New Cross Gate
August, 2013 – August, 2015 (about 2 years)

As Founder and Executive Director for the New Cross Gate Program administered a successful pilot program which garnered acclaim and public support by politicians at the local, state, and national level. Wrote curriculum and grants, raised funds, and acted as liaison for state institutions, state senators, the district Congressman, and the county sheriff.

• Successfully ran a pilot program with the Worcester Sheriff’s Department which was recognized by both participants and the facility as providing great benefits.
• Garnered significant political support from local, state, and national officials.


EXPLO at Yale, School One, Kudos Prep
January, 2012 – November, 2016 (almost 5 years)

At Kudos Prep in Seoul, South Korea, pushed for excellence in the classroom and as a writer of curriculum in the field of English Language and Literature for students from ages 7 – 13. With passion, empathy and strong interpersonal skills, lifted students across a wide variety of skill levels and comprehension to succeed beyond expectations. Created curriculum for courses that were key factors in creating success for both students and fellow teachers.

At School One in Providence, RI, was successful in bringing passion, motivation, and enthusiasm to a wide variety of subjects utilizing a diverse set of tactics and skills. Led students in both group and individual projects, ensured students met deadlines, while creating projects that were exceptional. Skillfully worked with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, with disparate needs and skill sets. Created environments that promoted productivity, healthy learning, and great teamwork.

At EXPLO Program at Yale University, guided instructors towards creating the most successful classroom experiences they could, boosting engagement and providing feedback that led greater satisfaction among students who attended the program. fostered strong team unity, raised morale, and helped my instructors overcome obstacles creatively and constructively. Recognized as a pillar of calm during crises on whom others consistently relied.

• Created course material and course outlines for classes across a wide variety of subject matter and learning levels.
• Helped students to achieve beyond expectations in several subjects, leading to more advanced work and greater opportunities for those students.
• Sent students to various prestigious Universities including RISD and SCAD.
• Resolved issues faced by other educators through means which provided benefits to classroom functioning, accelerated learning and individual attention.
• Helped students come up with various coping mechanisms to work around learning and emotional difficulties in order to succeed at higher levels than prior to intervention.


May, 2008 – Present (almost 13 years)

As a director created works which were accepted in a number of prestigious film festivals, garnered awards, and brought attention to myself as a talented and unique creative, as well as won attention and acclaim for those who worked both with and for me. interpreted scripts used for filming and for production, developed storyboards, made decisions regarding location and design, directed and instructed actors and crews for shoot and filming, managed and supervised technical details such as camera shots and the use of lighting, communicated and collaborated with producers to understand their needs and vision for the production. A successful and recognized professional with the ability to direct and inspire actors, direct a film on budget and on time, successfully collaborate with client and crewmembers, and work efficiently and professionally under time constraints.

Training: Directing the Actor, Ron Daniels; Actor’s Craft II, Tish Hill; Sight and Sound Television, Robby Benson; Advanced Production, Robby Benson

Works and Accomplishments:
• Rocky Horror Picture Show: South Korea; Much Ado About Nothing, South Korea; Lameaux, UK; Monsters Down the Hall, USA; Jimmy’s Pub, South Africa; A Gypsy Tale, Czech Republic; University to the People, Haiti;
• Wasserman-King Award for Best Director, Traverse City Founders Award,
• First Run Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, Slamdance, Hearts and Minds Film Festival

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