Kelly Ritchie

Kelly Ritchie - Designer

Omaha, NE, USA

I specialize in dark fantasy, fairy-tales, and mythology illustrations with best-selling, highly marketable designs.

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I am Kelly, a book cover designer specializing in fantasy. My goal is to create highly marketable illustrations that also reflect the uniqueness of your character. To me, my illustrations are a unique art form and I strive to design a beautiful piece of art every time I work on a cover.

Cost: $1,750+ (Ebook Only)

Areas of Expertise

- Dark Fantasy

- Fairy-Tale Retellings

- Fae and Royalty

- Mythology

- Object Symbol Covers

What I've Done

I have worked on 200+ illustrations, including multiple-award-winning and bestselling designs. I have worked with wonderful clients such as Leia Stone, Miranda Honfleur, Frost Kay, Laura Thalassa, Melissa Storm, Thea Harrison, Logan Keys, and Eva Chase.

A Cover's Purpose

Creating a cover that appeals to new readers is the primary goal of a cover. With that comes my creativity and your general overview of needed elements. My understanding of the current market and what reader's seek is the guiding factor and direction your cover will take.

My Process

After my offer is accepted, I will begin to work on an initial mockup for you to review. The mockup will have the primary elements, but not be a polished piece of work, Instead at this stage you may let me know of anything major needing revision. After finalizing the major elements, I move onto the final artwork. Covers have three revisions included if needed, and given after the remaining 50% balance is paid for on the project. If you need further add-ons, you are welcome to always contact me.

Your Book Includes

- Ebook Custom Cover JPG

- Blank Artwork

- Separate Title

Optional Additions

- Wide Illustration

- Paperback Wrap

- Hardback Wrap

- Bookmark

- Social Media Banner

Next Steps

I look forward to your request, even if you aren’t sure, feel free to send it and I will see if I am a good fit for you. I hope to work with you soon!


“Kelly Ritchie does incredible work, and she's amazing to work with. I can't recommend her enough!”

- Laura Thalassa, Author of the Bargainer Series

“Amazing to work with! She is great with customs, premades and also recovers. I love what she did for my Fallen Academy series re-cover. She’s on time, easy to work with and super creative. I always love the end result and her covers sell well in the market. Highly recommended!”

— Leia Stone, Author of the Fallen Academy Series

“Terrific to work with-so positive and talented, and I LOVE how she meets her deadlines. I'm definitely booking with her again.”

— Teddy Harrison, NYT Bestselling Author

Coming of Age
Epic Fantasy
Gaming & LitRPG
LGBTQ Fiction
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience


May, 2017 – Present (over 5 years)

Portfolio (20 selected works)

Blood and Sin (The Infernari Book 1)

Thalassa, Laura, Rix, Dan

Monster Academy

Banks, Catherine

American Witch

Harrison, Thea

Feast of the Mother (Witch of the Lake Book 1)

Honfleur, Miranda, Andrews, Nicolette

The Vigilante's Magic

Kramer, Julie L.

Crown of Lies

Nicholson, Alexandra

Kelly has 10 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Alexandra Nicholson
I went in nervous because I have seen terrible covers that simply turn people away from good books. This is my first book and I wanted to pick a cover designer who would create something amazing (and magical). Kelly more than delivered. I was first attracted by her portfolio and asked others who have read my book to pick between three artists and they all picked Kelly. When the time came for he...
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Alexandra Nicholson, February 2022

Lily Schön
Kelly was the best artist for the job! You won't regret hiring her!

Lily Schön, January 2022

Maddox Grey
This was my second time working with Kelly and I love this cover just as much as the first one! Kelly does a wonderful job at capturing the theme of your book for the cover. And if your book is part of a series (mine is) she's great at continuing the theme of the covers which helps a lot for marketing and series recognition. I'll definitely be working with Kelly again in the future!

Maddox Grey, January 2022

Sam Tate
A very nice outcome. The cover she made was very impressive.

Sam Tate, November 2021

Maddox Grey
Kelly was absolutely fantastic to work with! She's an incredibly talented designer and did a great job at capturing the spirit of my book for the cover. Looking forward to working with her again in the future!

Maddox Grey, August 2021

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