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Rhys Fisher

Rhys Fisher - Marketer


Your Best Seller Secret Weapon: Here to help you grow your book sales


Hey there, I'm an experienced growth hacker from England.

What if authors were disguised entrepreneurs and if book releases were product launches!

Both are true! Which means growing book sales is not that different from growing a business... and that's something I can do :)

“Rhys is amazing. He came on board with all cylinders running and got us a public face fast when we most needed it. Rhys is scary smart, fast, hard-working, fun to work with, and incredibly knowledgeable, What he doesn't know today he will tomorrow. I hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful association. ” – Hunter Roberts, contributor to the Huffington Post

“Rhys is highly knowledgeable in his field, organized, and provides nothing short of excellence. He understood the essentials of our business quickly and went above and beyond to prepare us for a bigger digital presence. I highly recommend working with him.” – Daniel Johnson, Entrepreneur & Business Developer

I dropped out of university after selling +$60k worth of iPhone cases, and decided to pursue business by well... doing business. The trick was ranking Facebook pages in the 1st result of Google. Since then, I've helped NordicAPIs become the market leader in their space, grown the monthly new and returning users at a technology startup, and successfully crowdfunded a hike and fly paragliding expedition accorss the Pyrenees.

My Book Launch services include:
-Strategy and tactical advice | Weekly Calls
-Content Marketing Strategy | Planning and Implementation
-Website or Blog Creation | Wordpress - Ghost - Wix - Medium
-Conversion Rate Optimization | A/B Testing
-PR Work | "Culture Ninja"
-Video Production & Editing | Walkthrough - Stunt - Interview
-Readership Intelligence | Google Analytics | Mixpanel
-Blogging | Inspirational - Informative - Entertaining
-Paid Advertising | Facebook - Twitter - Google - Bing - Youtube
-Social Media | Paid and Organic

Adventure Inspirational
Business & Management Computers & Internet Self-help & Self-improvement


Reaching Lost Mountain

In the Autumn of 2016, Rhys Fisher and Mark Baldwin, two paragliding pilots from England, ventured south on a mission to extend the summer, and put out the last hike and fly trip of the season.

Almost a year later, along with another good friend, Fons de Leeuw, they will return to the Pyrenees. This time to go bigger than any of them has ever attempted before. From sea to summit, and then back to sea. These three friends will try to cross the entire length of the range, from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, powered only by the elements. Find out more at

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