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Practicing law for over 35 years enabled me to transfer and apply to book reviewing my many skills that I had perfected during my career in the legal profession and as a result I have become a prolific free lance book reviewer & author interviewer.

I am the Editor, Publisher and Reviewer for my own site,

The site is composed of an international community of book reviewers that come from all walks of life that review all genres of fiction and non-fiction.

Over the years the site has reviewed over 6000 books and interviewed over 850 authors.


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Laura Marie

10 years PR experience in-house (Penguin, Bloomsbury, HMH, HarperCollins) with multiple New York Times best selling campaigns across genres.

New York, NY, USA

Kristi Dosh

Publicist, journalist, author and recovering attorney who specializes in securing traditional and online media coverage for nonfiction.

Fernandina Beach, FL, USA

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