Moksh Popli

Moksh Popli

New York, NY, USA

Business consultant specializing in travel, advertising, IT consulting and security software.

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Moksh Popli's propensity for IT and finance developed early. As a young man, Moksh fell in love with mathematics. His family and instructors nurtured his passion and encouraged him to perform in math competitions throughout grade school. His skills and success got him noticed by a number of universities all around the country. After being offered numerous scholarships, Moksh decided to attend Cornell University in New York. There, he pursued a degree in business with a focus in finance and economics.

After graduation, Moksh Popli began working for a prestigious finance firm. His time there has bestowed upon him incredible learning opportunities. For many years, Moksh worked for other firms, gaining experience, insight, and growing his personal network. In 2018, he decided it was time to compile everything he learned and create his own career path.

Now, Moksh Popli works as a business consultant. Using his years of experience, he attracts investors, finds creative funding solutions, and helps goals come to fruition for exciting, fledgling companies. Knowing that he is helping young professionals achieve their goals and live their dreams is a source of great pride for Moksh.

Another source of pride? His family. Whenever Moksh is not hard at work for one of his clients, you can find him enjoying New York City with his wife and children.