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Michael Boezi - Marketer

Boston, MA, United States

Writer, Strategist, Educator. I teach respectful, soft-touch marketing techniques for building the trust of an audience.

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My name is Michael Boezi. I have 17 years of publishing experience, working with educators to acquire, develop, produce, and market their books. I started my own business because I got tired of seeing authors fail under the current rubric. The author, editor, publisher, and sales reps could do everything they are supposed to – and still watch the book fail.

Today's consumer behavior is different, and building a brand requires an entirely different skill set. It can be taught, but with two caveats:
1. Each author is a small business. Self-published or not, you call the shots. Own it – no one else will care as much as you do.
2. Organic growth takes time. Be patient and put the work in, there are no shortcuts. I teach relationship building, not quick fixes.

I produce a weekly podcast called "Marketing Without the Marketing" to teach my soft-touch marketing techniques to authors and other small business owners and solo entrepreneurs.

I also teach these techniques to my students at Emerson College, and in my online course called CreateBiz, which is specifically for writers, musicians, and other artists.

I work one-on-one with a limited set of clients each year as well.

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Owner and Managing Director

January, 2014 – Present (almost 5 years)

I run my own media and consulting business helping small business owners and non-fiction authors build their audience using a content strategy.

I am a longtime publishing veteran who has helped hundreds of authors realize their ideas.
I am an entrepreneur who has helped build early-stage startups from the ground up.
I am a writer, so I understand the creative's perspective as well as the business side.
I am an educator, teaching content strategy to my audience, my clients, and my students.


Fundamentals of Content Strategy (at Emerson College)

I teach a course at Emerson College called Fundamentals of Content Strategy. It is a project-based grad-level course that I designed, based on the stuff that I do in practice with my own clients.

Content strategy is about developing content as a business asset, using it to achieve specific business goals. This course is designed to help students plan and execute an effective content strategy to build an audience. It is conducted as a dynamic live project, where students work alone and in groups to get experience in all the facets of content strategy. They devise a strategy, set goals, create a project plan, and conduct basic research to test their assumptions. They create, publish, and propagate regular content to meet the needs of the audience that they define. They learn how to organize and optimize their content for maximum impact, how to set metrics, measure their results, and iterate.

CreateBiz: Content Marketing for Creatives (Online Course)

In 2017, I launched an online course called CreateBiz, in partnership with Dave Kusek, founder of Berklee Music Online. It’s focused on helping writers, musicians, and visual artists use their content to build an audience.

Many creatives dread marketing, because it feels "icky" and self-promotional. CreateBiz teaches a more soft-touch approach instead, which is more effective in growing a devoted following.

CreateBiz is for writers, musicians, and visual artists because creatives defy boundaries. Musicians are writers, too. Travel photographers blog. Novelists play in bands. Graphic artists are storytellers. We create, we connect, and we can all learn from one another's unique experiences.

The course is 42 video modules, with dozens of worksheets, templates, and strategic assignments to help creatives get focused and efficient in building an audience.

Marketing Without the Marketing (Podcast)

I produce a weekly podcast called Marketing without the Marketing, designed to help small business owners of all types (including authors, writers, and other artists) build an online audience without “icky,” self-promotional, self-serving marketing. Instead, I teach the basics of how to use content marketing to create connections and build the trust of your audience.

There are over 100 episodes (and counting!), and the show is available on iTunes and all other major podcast apps.

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