Lori Lunceford

Lori Lunceford - Editor

Brandon, MS, United States

I love collaborating with writers and helping them transform their ideas into fantastic literature!!

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I edit with a "big picture" focus on your writing. This type of editing goes beyond spelling errors and punctuation; it includes all of those little pieces that come together to form a complete idea, concept, story, etc.
If it's non-fiction I'll focus on the following: relevance of thesis, supported concepts, sufficient research, arguments, organization of research and points, weight assigned to chapters, appropriate detail, overall tone & pace
If it's fiction: plot clarity & believability, thematic consistency & congruency with plot, character development & constancy, integration of character personalities & their roles, point(s) of view, story arc, pace, authenticity of dialogue between characters & their verbiage, flow- insufficient back story vs too much, missing plot points that would enrich the story/characters/themes.

I am a professional structural editor. I love reading your short stories, novels, essays and helping you pinpoint your weak points and strong areas. I really enjoy checking for consistent themes, characters, dialogues, etc.

English (US)
Plays & Screenplays
Science Fiction
Short Story
Young Adult & Teen

Work experience

Developmental Editor

January, 2017 – Present (almost 2 years)

I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic writers in a range of genres and topics from short children's stories to political essays to even a touch of horror novels. I truly enjoy working with authors to develop their ideas, writing, themes, and bringing them to the next level. My love for Sci-Fi began when I was a little girl. I fell in love with the way Sci-Fi is able to provide us with not only escapism, but it's ability to take us to a place where we can think about and discuss big concepts and ideas then return us to our reality where we can now see how some of those same ideas apply; Sci-Fi allows us to transcend our egos and defenses long enough to truly open our minds and consider concepts we might not otherwise be able to grasp. That is the power of books and it's one of the many reasons I love the responsibility of helping writers take their writing and make it the best it can be.

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