Lord Horn

Lord Horn - Ghostwriter

I'm a hardcore erotica and hardcore adult book author and editor. I author books for highly private patrons who wish to read something more.

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I'm a hardcore erotica and hardcore adult book author and editor. I've authored 7 hardcore erotica books and edited over 100+ of them. I've written over 70+ books for private patrons. My specialties are books written especially for mature readers (Ages 48-72, male or female) and topics that are taboo or forbidden, or too strong for normal hardcore. I write and edit. For patrons demanding highly private services. Nothing is taboo or forbidden. If you want to read something that you think has never been published, or will never be published, or you want to read a fantasy that lies in the innermost caverns of your soul, then why don't you try me out? I write books for private patrons. Some of my private patrons have been members of elite standing and royalty in US and UK. I can speak directly to your representatives (if you wish to maintain elite privacy levels) or with you.
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Comics & Graphic Novels
Literary Fiction
Thriller & Suspense
Women's Fiction
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January, 1986 – Present (almost 35 years)

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