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Lindsay Davis - Web Developer

Saint Paul, MN, United States

Suddenly, I was overcome with acute nostalgia and knew I would have to make a choice. While books gave me life, wine gave me wine...

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I design websites for authors and publishers through Squarespace. My goal is to build a strong interactive platform that reflects the author and their book. I am an active enthusiast for story-driven podcasts, novels, and social media.
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
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Web Designer and Digital Content Specialist

Julie Ink
September, 2018 – Present (over 1 year)

Julie Trelstad is a book publishing specialist out of New York City. Together she and a small team that I graciously get to be a part of help fill in the gaps for authors and publishing professionals to meet the challenges that new and emerging technologies present.

My role at Julie Ink is to build and design authors website through Squarespace. Once their website has been set-up we strategize with the author about their marketing goals. Authors tend to shy away from the limelight on social media. I like to start off by giving them a list of pictures to capture, topics to research and then evaluate with them their stands on the topics they choose. There is nothing worse than not knowing where to find your audience in the sea of content.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the rise of e-book self-publishing, and new data available about online audiences and buying habits have been enormous boons to authors who wish to connect with their readers - We simply help you use these tools effectively.

Editorial Assistant

Fashion Meets Poetry
March, 2018 – September, 2018 (6 months)

Lisa Harris is a Wise Ink Creative Publishing Author who published her first book Unveiled Beauty back in 2017. Since then she has held numerous fashion shows and women empowerment rallies to boost her book sales and combine what she really loves in life, her passion for fashion and inspiring others.

I was hired as a Freelancer to edit the biographies of the models, hair stylists, designers and speakers for each of her shows. The bio's were written by each of the women separately and my job was to create a consistency and flow that would be displayed in their final bio. These would then be posted to all social media platforms, the Fashion Meets Poetry website and flyers during each of the events.

Lisa Harris is a Marketing Boss and her constructive critiques have made me a better writer and more direct with my clients. Writing is a biased job. Not everyone is going to think the same way you do when you put pen to paper. But when you are trying to pull the words out of someone else's head, you need patience, a shield of armor, and the drive to get you to your final result. This is the gift Lisa has given me and I have passed this along to other writers and editors.

Freelance Web Designer and Digital Content Specialist

July, 2016 – Present (almost 4 years)

I am a Communication and Marketing major from the University of Wyoming. My sales teacher told me the first-day class to sell something you believe in because the work you put in won't ever seem like work. I believe books change the world. They have always offered a different perspective than the ones we grew up with. I pursued books and the publishing industry hoping to get my foot in the door. I worked alongside several Indie Publishing Houses in the Twin Cities and found my experience there. Working in Editorial, Public Relations, Audio and Visual Production, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design.

I now design websites for authors through Squarespace. My goal is to establish a strong interactive platform that represents who they are and their book. I am an active enthusiast for story-driven podcasts, novels, and social media. I am a worldly activist and volunteer for the future and education of our children. I love any opening script to a Dateline Murder Mystery episode.

Social Media Manager

82 Stories
June, 2019 – Present (12 months)

What is 82 Stories? We are a publishing company. We publish books and we came up with this cool idea to build online bookstores on your own site using Amazon Algorithm for niche communities. So I've been brought on board as the Social Media Manager for our brand and the authors we sign-on. My job responsibilities include building and executing a social media strategy. This includes using SEO tools to determine best practices, researching and discovering audiences for our authors and ourselves, generating, editing and publishing daily content (original text, images, video) that help build meaningful connections and encourages communities to form. I am in charge of determining the social media schedules and tools we use which helps me decipher which one is best for our authors and ourselves because they all have their own strengths. I also put together annual reports showing our best practices for the year because as well all know, social media changes FAST!

Marketing Assistant

Wise Ink Creative Publishing
January, 2018 – January, 2019 (about 1 year)

During my time as an Intern, I found myself volunteering for Marketing objective jobs. Our Marketing Director Roseanne Cheng gave me the greatest advice I ever received, 'You showed up. You're already better than everyone out there.' Roseanne has encouraged and allowed me to spread my wings in this industry.

Wise Ink hired me after my internship for a variety of contracted marketing jobs including scheduling and creating new posts on social media platforms and monthly blogs, hosting and delegating responsibilities for author outings such as Inside the Authors Studio, and contributing valuable ideas and suggestions for author engagement.

Wise Ink has allowed me to become a Freelancer for several of their authors for a variety of Editorial and Marketing services.

Editorial Intern

Wise Ink Creative Publishing
August, 2017 – December, 2017 (4 months)

This was my first creative publishing internship out of college. I dreamed of working for a small company who spoke about Authors like they were people and not another money making venture. My favorite quote from our co-founder Dara Beeves was 'The only thing worse than an untold story is a writer feeling unworthy of telling their story.'

During my time as an Editorial Intern, I provided comprehensive editing and proofreading services for a variety of print and digital text. I formulated back cover copies for new and upcoming releases. I interviewed and interacted via email our authors about their books and the stories behind them and posted them to the Wise Ink Blog via WordPress.


Sharon Lynn Fisher is a Fantasy & SciFi author. She has written several books including her latest, the Absinthe Earl. I redesigned her website with her new series in mind, the Faery Rehistory which weaves together Ireland's ancient mythological races with Victorian-era technology and manners into an Ireland that was never conquered by the British. She also has an amazing Instagram which I got to help set up. I love it when authors take charge and speak to their readers like old friends. She was one of my favorite clients.

Nina Sadowsky is a thriller author, filmmaker, and educator at USC. We redesigned her website to reflect her new series The Burial Society. The Empty Bed is about a woman named Catherine, who excels at helping desperate people disappear, must use her unique skill set to find a missing woman. Her new book Convince Me comes out in August 2020.

Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed. has been a rock for hundreds of families who have children with ADHD who struggle to fit in socially. She has been a resource for many journalists as well as leading ADHD organizations and can be seen in publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Huffington Post, ADDitude, Attention Magazine and WebMD. Her book, Why Will No One Play With Me? comes out September 2019.

John Altman is an American thriller writer. He is the author of eight thrillers. His debut novel A Gathering of Spies was published in 2000 by Open Road Media and his most recent novel is The Korean Woman, published in 2019 with Blackstone Publishing. His books have been published in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Poland, and the Netherlands.

The is a Wordpress site I designed while trying to expand my skills set. Rick Crandall is a debut author writing a book about him and his dog Emme climbing every mountain over 14,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains – all fifty-eight of them. Rick Crandall is on the board for Wordpress.

Annalece Hunter is a romantic suspense author living in the San Juan Mountains. Her design is centered around the themes of her book including suspense and the scenery that inspires her most.

I was hired as a Freelancer to edit the biographies of the models, hair stylists, designers and speakers for each of the Unveiled Beauty Fashion Shows. These were then posted to the Fashion Meets Poetry website and flyers during each of the events.

This project was a gift to an amazing non-profit camp, Minnesota Aviation Career Education Camp, for which I get to be apart of each year. Since the website has been set up we received triple our application rate and are hoping to start a third camp starting 2020.

Jill Wallace in a self-publishing author for the Romantic Historical Fiction novel, War Serenade. She offers a different perspective of WWII setting her novel based in South African in a prison war camp.

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