Leonora Bulbeck

Leonora Bulbeck – Editor

A friendly, experienced copyeditor of YA and adult fiction, fantasy and sci-fi. My aim is to make copyediting a positive experience for all.


I am a professional copyeditor with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing sector. Previously, I have worked on over 400 titles at Usborne Publishing, including bestsellers and award winners. I have been a freelancer on Reedsy since 2016, and in that time, I have built rewarding relationships with many authors, helping them to put that polish on their projects that really makes them stand out to their readers. I have a great passion for young adult and adult fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, but I don't work exclusively in those genres. I have worked on a range of manuscripts, from epic fantasy to popular science and everything in between. I am also fluent in all English standards (British, American, Canadian, Australian, etc.), so it doesn't make any difference where you are from or what form of English you want to publish in.

Being an independent author myself, I know what you are going through, so I am more than happy to share my knowledge and give advice where I can. I am a friendly, open person, and all my feedback is constructive and instructive. I am here to help, to make editing a positive experience. I have a great respect for my authors and their work, and I expect high standards in my own work.

If you would like a sample copyedit of your manuscript, just send me your request with a sample file attached, and I will get back to you as soon as I can with a quote and a sample edit. I look forward to hearing from you.
Action & Adventure Dystopian Epic Fantasy Mystery & Crime Post-Apocalyptic Space Opera Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (SA) English (UK) English (US)
  • MA Publishing (University of the Arts London)
  • Imago Training - Editing and Enhancing your eBooks
  • Publishing Training Centre - Digital Proofreading
  • MA Linguistics (Cambridge University)

Work experience


Dec, 2016 — Present

I've been a freelance copyeditor on Reedsy since 2016, and in that time I have built rewarding relationships with many authors, helping them to put that polish on their projects that really makes them stand out to their readers. I have a great passion for young adult and adult fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, but I don't work exclusively in those genres. I have worked on a range of manuscripts, from epic fantasy to popular science and everything in between. I am also fluent in all English standards (British, American, Canadian, Australian, etc.).

Usborne Publishing

Jan, 2012 — Mar, 2016 (about 4 years)

Producing reflowable and fixed-layout ebooks.

Editing and proofreading ebooks.

Making changes directly into the code and implementing updates to existing ebooks.

Repurposing print books to optimise ebook layouts.

Assessing digital potential for print books.

Writing and updating metadata for ebook retailers.

Designing and editing webpages for company websites.

Templar Publishing

Jan, 2011 — Dec, 2011 (11 months)

Maintaining company websites and social media channels.

Setting up Facebook pages and creating custom FBML pages.

Organising and running blog tours for authors.

Designing and writing marketing materials for blog tours and websites.




“Quite possibly your next favourite fantasy author.” - Gareth L. PowellTo save her people, she must stop a ritual massacre. But how do you kill a god?Anya longs to follow in the fabled footsteps of her warrior grandmother. But when the forces of the corrupt Sc... read more

Ted S.

Set in an enigmatic, magical, wild, and wonderful place, a story unfolds that will change you forever. There is a place where trees grow straight and tall, mountains eclipse the earth, the stars are dizzying, and the full moons in winter cast shadows like dayl... read more
Thelsea is struggling to move on after her mother’s sudden death last year. Her father doesn’t tell her they’re moving to a new city until they’ve arrived. A reclusive girl, Thelsea deals with it all as she usually does: playing video games and writing short s... read more
Finding one’s place in the world isn’t always easy, and for many, the journey of self-discovery can be quite the adventure.Sakiko Crewe has lived in the same small town her entire life. With great ambitions for her future, her one chance to leave is to be acce... read more
Madison is an ordinary girl with a passion for reading and aspirations of being a writer. With Halloween looming, she makes some unlikely friends and agrees to help them find their way back home. When their plans take a turn for the worse, they will need to us... read more
Unlikely friends, despicable villains, and deadly peril – can a gang of thieving misfits stop the Blackshirts (British supporters of Adolf Hitler) from sending orphans to Hitler? THE WONDER GIRLS is an exciting historical adventure for today – #resist and #kid... read more
For fans of Defy the Stars, Configured and The Hunger Games comes a new sci-fi series that will leave you breathless.A defiant girl with her eyes on a new world. Her stubborn brother with his heart in the slums. One last chance to save him from a fate worse th... read more
For fans of Defy the Stars, Configured and The Hunger Games comes the second book in the new sci-fi series by T.R. Woodman.A girl who just wants to fit in. A boy who loves her despite her past. An adventure that can only happen light years from Earth.When Evel... read more
Stay and face a terrifying plague alone. Leave and face the wrath of the colonists who exiled her. A choice Evelyn may not survive.Exiled by the colonists she was created to protect, Evelyn is finding her way through life as an outcast. It isn’t easy though. T... read more
Excalibur Rising Book Four is the final episode of the Excalibur Rising Series where all questions are answered. Merlin's magical powers are fading and Albion faces enemies on all sides. While Arthur's heir fights for the possession of Camelot, Ryan races agai... read more
*King Arthur prepares to fight his final battle against Mordred.*When a peasant boy finds a hoard of alien coins, he begins a journey that will change the future of Camelot. In Book Two of Excalibur Rising, Violet and Ryan are trapped in Albion while King Arth... read more
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Written is the heart-wrenching story of a young girl’s struggle for freedom, and the uncovering of an intricate plan laced around forty years of secrets, betrayal and lies, in a family desperate to preserve their culture and honour.Four-year-old Eleanor is for... read more
Toby Whitby must look to the dark days of 1940 to find the true identity of the dead man with no hands. England, 1952. A body washes up on Brighton beach and Lawyer Toby Whitby’s secretary swears she knows the corpse’s identity. One woman claims the man with n... read more
Twelve-year-old Ethan Mason is focused on baseball, math tests, and staying out of Howard Russman's way. That is, until a mysterious puddle of green light appears in the upstairs hallway of his home. The light brings Ethan to the kingdom of Abentur, a beautifu... read more
Young, afraid and thousands of miles from home, Grishton Podwood has landed on the Zubious Islands to finally learn the true power of the winchup band bestowed on each Jagat at birth. He’s waited all his life for this moment; he’s dreamt of it hundreds of time... read more
More and more, artificial intelligence is taking over our lives.Voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Siri, Amazon’s recommendation engine, Google’s search, self-driving cars, autonomous robots, and computers that diagnose diseases better than your doctor... read more
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The Rosemary Kids: Different fairy tales for tomorrow’s citizens!On a school excursion to a nuclear power plant, best friends Rose and Mary stumble upon a conspiracy that might put the whole country in danger. Together with Ash, the little fairy of the ash tre... read more
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An original and exciting story containing 3,000 interactive word definitions along with their synonyms and antonyms, in context, on the pages (suitable for CEM and GL 11 Plus).Claire and Ben are ordinary schoolchildren. Life is predictable … until one day when... read more
The last thing hot new model Axelle expects to find at a photo shoot is a top stylist dead on set. But as a high-heeled, runway-ready secret sleuth, she's just the girl to solve the mystery of who poisoned Elisabeta. With gorgeous Sebastian by her side, Axelle... read more
Hold on to your handbags and buckle up your heels – Axelle Anderson, undercover model, is back. When it comes to glamorous crimes of fashion, Axelle's discovered that modelling is the perfect cover for a wannabe detective. So when the world's most famous black... read more
When a new case lands on Axelle Anderson's London doorstep, the stylish sleuth can't resist strapping on the heels and snapping on the shades to track down whoever attacked fashion photographer Gavin. But what's the deal with the memory stick full of mysteriou... read more
Introducing Axelle Anderson: fashion's most stylish detective. Despite her long legs and fashion-obsessed family, all Axelle wants to do is solve mysteries. So when star designer Belle La Lune vanishes, Axelle seizes the chance to go undercover as a model to c... read more
When 17-year-old Eveny returns to the tiny Louisiana town where she was born, she discovers she is the powerful missing link in a trio of impossibly beautiful voodoo queens who have everyone under their spell. But they need her help. Because darkness is descen... read more
Reader, beware! This is a BAD book. A VERY BAD book that will bring you nothing but BAD LUCK. Luckily no one would want to read it as it is extremely BORING and contains NO ADVENTURE whatsoever. No magic. No betrayal. And NO DRAGONS. No flying dragons. No fire... read more
This book is incredibly BAD. It does not contain MAGIC. Or a strange ghost girl. Or spontaneous combustion. Or Spanish-speaking llamas. It's just an ordinary tale of a boy going to summer camp on a desert island. Nothing EXCITING or WEIRD happens and there are... read more
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WARNING! Appearances can be deceptive...This book is NOT filled with ancient magic, mystical clairvoyants and the marvels of time travel. This is NOT a book detailing the latest top secret investigations of the Terces Society. You will NOT find stolen treasure... read more
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For those foolish enough to have read "The Name of this Book is Secret" and too foolhardy to have turned away from "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late", the third book in the series is best avoided. This book contains none of the following: A cursed Aztec a... read more
I don't know how you got here but this page isn't for you. This is an extremely dangerous book with a very deadly secret. It is an alarming account of two extraordinary adventurers, a missing magician's diary, a symphony of smells and a deadly secret... If you... read more
All Becket wants is for his family to be whole again. But standing in his way are two things: 1) his dad, his brother and him seem to have run away from home in the middle of the night and 2) Becket’s mum died before he got the chance to say goodbye to her. Ar... read more
Since his dad ran off with the lady from the chip shop, Dan Hope's life has gone a bit strange, what with his sister acting mean and Mum's new boyfriend keeping secrets. And now – even stranger – his dad has turned up as a presenter on TV. So Dan decides to so... read more
Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on brooding artist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And, after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer break, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senio... read more
Life is pretty close to perfect for budding designer Lola Nolan, especially with her hot rocker boyfriend. That is, until the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighbourhood and unearth a past of hurt that Lola thought was long buried. So when ta... read more
Anna is less than thrilled to be shipped off to boarding school in Paris, leaving a fledgling romance behind – until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, Étienne has it all...including a girlfriend. But in the City of Light, wishes have a w... read more
Maddie's life is a tangled mess of secrets. She's grieving for Nan, struggling for Mum's attention, and scared she's losing Dad too. She keeps everything knotted up inside, unable to find her voice... until she's paired with Kieran Black - the bad-boy troublem... read more
In her summer of secrets, all Becky knows is that everything can change in the beat of a butterfly's wing... When Becky finds an old photo in a box under her mum's bed, everything she thought she knew comes crashing down. The only place she finds comfort is at... read more
When Bee and Lizzie meet on a beach in Spain, they feel as if they've always known each other. Escaping from their parents and exploring the coast, everything seems perfect in the hot summer sun. But when a chance meeting reveals their two families used to be ... read more
The year is 1891 and London is at war. High up on the rooftops lives a ragtag band of orphans and spies – the Watchers – protectors of the city. But below the cobbled streets lurks the Legion, a ruthless gang of cut-throats and thieves, plotting to unleash the... read more
Max is used to being called Stupid. And he is used to everyone being scared of him. On account of his size and looking like his dad. Kevin is used to being called Dwarf. And he is used to everyone laughing at him. On account of his size and being some cripple ... read more
When 17-year-old Laura is attacked and left in a coma, the prime suspect is her boyfriend Joe, who fled the scene and vanished. But as the weeks pass, Laura’s mute sister Tessie is entrusted with secrets about what really happened. Gradually she pieces togethe... read more
"The first time I was born, I was Emma. I was beautiful. I had everything to live for. But I died. I was twenty-two." Fifteen-year-old Ana has always known that she's lived before, haunted by memories that aren't hers – memories of being Emma. But when her two... read more
All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber’s hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that. And then there’s Kyl... read more
Evie, Amber and Lottie: three girls facing down tough issues with the combined powers of friendship, feminism and cheesy snacks. Both hilarious and heart-rending, this is Evie’s no-holds-barred story of struggling to live a “normal” teen life in the grip of OC... read more
Bree is a loser, a wannabe author who hides behind words. But when she's told she needs to start living a life worth writing about, The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting is born. Six steps on how to be interesting. Six steps that will see her infiltrate the p... read more
Brother dead...best friend missing...house ransacked...stalked by a stranger...attacked in the street... And Sarah has no idea why. She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his actions have led the wolves to her door – and the ... read more
Three years ago, Hannah's best friend Danny Geller vanished without trace. Not knowing if he's alive or dead, she struggles to move on with a life shrouded in secrets and suspicions... But as hope returns to haunt Danny's family and their desperation is used a... read more
North Child

Edith P.

Rose was born into the world facing north, and as a north child, superstition says that she will be a wanderer, travelling far from home. This prophecy is fulfilled when she is taken on the back of a white bear to a mysterious empty castle, where a silent stra... read more
When her mum vanishes, Danni moves to a tiny Cornish fishing village with Dad – where the locals treat her like a monster. As the village's dark, disturbing past bubbles to the surface, Danni discovers that she's not who – or what – she thought she was. And th... read more
My name is Hanna. I am 15. I am Latvian. I live with my mother and grandmother. My father is missing, taken by the Russians. I have a boyfriend and I'm training to be a dancer. But none of that is important any more. Because the Nazis have arrived, and I am a ... read more

Kathryn E.

11-year-old Caitlin has Asperger's Syndrome, and has always had her older brother, Devon, to explain the confusing things around her. But when Devon is killed in a tragic school shooting, Caitlin has to try and make sense of the world without him. With her dad... read more
Limpet, Steffan and Jared. Three best friends crammed into a clapped-out rust bucket of a car on a whirlwind road trip to forget their troubles and see out the end of the summer. But no matter how far they drive, they can't escape the hidden secrets and slow-b... read more
A subtle, insightful and utterly absorbing novel about teen pregnancy. Sixteen-year-old Amy is used to keeping secrets – about her mum's illness, her irresponsible sister and about her ex-boyfriend Liam. But now Amy has a secret that cannot be kept. Should she... read more
I am in love with Dante Berlin. He is my soulmate. He saved my life. This may sound perfect, but I know the truth. Dante is an Undead. Soon he will turn twenty-one, death will finally claim him, and I will lose him for ever. Only one thing can save our love - ... read more
Dante and I are inseparable...and we are dying. Our shared soul cannot sustain us and our love threatens to kill us both. Our only hope lies in messages from a mysterious benefactor, leading us on a treacherous journey across Europe in search of the secret of ... read more
Coming from sunny California, the mist-shrouded Academy was a shock, with its strange customs, ancient curriculum and study of Latin - the language of the dead. Then I discovered that the school has more than one dark secret... I also discovered Dante. Intelli... read more
The final captivating book in the bestselling Angel Trilogy. Willow and Alex are mankind's only hope. With the world in ruins, the angels are enslaving humanity, moving survivors into camps where they can devour their energy, causing slow but certain death. Tr... read more
Willow knows she's different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into people's futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. She has no idea where she ... read more
Only Willow has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels – and they will stop at nothing to destroy her. However, Willow is not alone. She is with Alex, a trained Angel Killer...and her one true love. Together, they must train a new generation of An... read more
Welcome to a “perfect” world. Where war is illegal, harmony is enforced, and your date of birth marks your destiny. But nothing is perfect, and in a world this broken, who can Amity trust? Friends? Family? Her one true love? An electrifying new series of heart... read more
11-year-old Rose is autistic and struggles to understand her classmates. But when her father gives her a stray dog, which she names Rain, the dog becomes her best friend, her anchor in a confusing world. So when Rain goes missing during a storm, Rose refuses t... read more
When her mother dies from a snake bite, Comity Pinny's life in the middle of the Australian outback changes for ever. Her father, Herbert, retreats into his work trasmitting telegrams, abandoning Comity when she needs him most. Comity turns to Fred, the young ... read more
Rusti is a Mongol warrior, fighting for the bloodthirsty Tamburlaine, Conqueror of the World. He intends to show the enemy neither fear nor mercy... until he comes face-to-face with his first elephant. Kavi is the elephant's rider. Captured by the terrifying M... read more
In this thrilling climax of the classic fantasy The Chronicles of Prydain, Death Lord Arawn has stolen the black sword Dyrnwyn, the most powerful weapon in the kingdom. At the request of Prince Gwydion, Taran rallies friends both old and new to raise an army t... read more
Master Dallben has decided it is time for Eilonwy, daughter of the House of Llyr, to learn to behave like a proper princess. He sends her away to the Isle of Mona but instead of training in the art of being a lady, Eilonwy falls into the hands of the evil ench... read more
Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper has led heroic adventures and is a friend of princes, yet he is still troubled by his lowly status and determined to discover the secret of his true identity. He sets out to consult the powerful witches of Morva and the mysteriou... read more
The peaceful land of Prydain is under threat. The evil Lord of Annuvin is using the dark magic of the Black Cauldron to create a terrifying army of deathless warriors. The Cauldron must be destroyed, and Taran joins Prince Gwydion and his faithful knights, Ell... read more
Taran is desperate for adventure. Being a lowly Assistant Pig-Keeper just isn't exciting. That is, until the magical pig, Hen Wen, disappears and Taran embarks on a death-defying quest to save her from the evil Horned King. His perilous adventures bring Taran ... read more

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Kaylea P.

Kaylea P.

Sep, 2023

Leonora was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was communicative, reached out when she had clarifying questions, and the edits she delivered back to me exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail was so appreciated, especially her fact-checking for the historical aspects of my story. And the guide she provided in addition to my edited manuscript was so useful and appreciated. I would ...
Read more
Stewart B.

Stewart B.

Aug, 2023

Incredibly knowledgeable, clear and concise, and kept in contact for the duration of the project. Her work was beyond my expectations.
Kate B.

Kate B.

Jul, 2023

I always enjoy working with Leonora. I appreciate that she keeps notes on all my projects and helps me keep consistent between books. Her feedback is incredibly valuable. She has great attention to detail, and she wrangles commas like an absolute champ!
E. M. L.

E. M. L.

Jul, 2023

Leonora is amazing - this is the second time I've worked with her and hope to continue to do so on future projects. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and keeps to the timeline. I would recommend her to everyone!
Olivia R.

Olivia R.

Jul, 2023

Working with Leonora was amazing! She was so professional, amazing at what she does, and super communicative throughout the whole process, always open to answering questions and quelling any anxieties I had about the editing process! Definitely recommend!

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