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Kristin Kaye

Kristin Kaye

Bay Area


Ghostwriting is a guilty pleasure. I love words, ideas and the long haul of book writing. Ghostwriting allows me to indulge in all three with the added pleasure of stepping into worlds I could have never dreamed up with people I’d never have met were it not for the books we work on together. Think of me as your literary sherpa. I’ll do the heavy lifting and guide you on the road to a finished manuscript (or article, blog post or series of tweets). You just enjoy the journey and get your hands as dirty as you care to. I can help with: Coaching – Have a a gem of an idea, but aren’t sure how to pull it off? I can create a solid outline for you to start with, provide a map of the book writing process, offer support along the way and even fill in for you if or when you need it. Developmental Editing – Maybe you have 500 pages, but can’t figure out how to make it all hang together. I’ll get stuck in your manuscript and find the core structure of your work. From there, I can either offer step-by-step instruction for completing a final edit or do it for you. Ghostwriting – Perhaps you’re full of great ideas, but don’t have the time or interest to write a book yourself. I’d be happy to capture your thoughts and turn them into a book for you. Social Media Platform – Not all forms are created equal— books are different from long-form articles are different from blog posts are different from a series of tweets. Let me help you hone your message for whatever platform you choose. From business and design to spirituality, healing and human consciousness, I’ve immersed myself in wildly different topics for months and sometimes years. References and samples available upon request.

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Lauren Jackson

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