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A meaningful, engaging book can push your business and creative life to the next level - but writing a book isn't easy! How do you get the great idea into your head onto the page? How do you elevate your rough draft to a polished manuscript that shines?

That's where I come in. I’m a collaborative writer, and I'm sometimes called a ghostwriter. 👻 I've collaborated on over 30 books since 2019.

I work with one-on-one authors at all stages of the writing process. Every book is different, so every collaboration is, too. When you work with me, you're not just hiring a writer. You're starting a partnership.

Message me to book a no-obligations informational call and take a peek at my portfolio.

✨ fiction

Has your manuscript developed a mind of its own? I know that frustration! Sometimes, you reach the end of your draft, and you realize something isn't working. You don't need an editor to just tell you what's wrong. You need a collaborator to revise the draft with you. Together, we'll get your book over the finish line.

✨ memoir

What challenges have you endured in your life? You have a story your audience needs to hear, and I want to help you tell it. If you're a business owner, creator, or public-facing figure, a memoir will connect you with an entirely new audience. Your book is more than a marketing tool or a way to build your brand - it's a way to connect with your audience on a deep level.

✨ intellectual property

Your book is just step one. I work with artists in all kinds of fields: actors, editors, dancers, visual artists, and more. If you have an idea that you dream of becoming a TV show or feature film, you need to own the intellectual property to pitch it. We can take your project from "idea" to "proof of concept."

How does it work? It's different every time! Message me and we'll build a collaboration that works for you. Some ways I work with authors:

💡 the whole shebang

Have an idea you love? You don't need a single word on the page to begin. I'll work with you to outline, write, and then revise your draft.

💡 reverse outlining

If you're stuck in your manuscript, and the story simply isn't clicking, we can make a plan together. I'll read your manuscript, then over a few collaborative video calls, I'll develop a brand-new outline rooted in your existing material.

💡 book doctoring

It's not life-saving trauma response, it's more like routine outpatient surgery. I'll do a full developmental edit on your book, and then, with your oversight and approvals, I'll complete the revisions as well.

Get in touch to learn more!

Contemporary Romance LGBTQ Fiction Mystery & Crime Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
LGBTQ Non-Fiction Sports & Outdoors
English (US)

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Mar, 2015 — Present

Collaborative writer, ghost, and my clients' secret weapon. 👻 I've collaborated on 30 books since 2019. Prior to 2019, I was an independent journalist and essayist.

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Kyle W.

Kyle W.

Feb, 2023

Kate was very professional and gave me the tools to help me make the outline of my book better than what it'd been before, and put in a better state than prior to working with her.
Steve R.

Steve R.

Nov, 2022

Kate gave me exactly what I was looking for and more--she not only helped me organize my very scattered novel outline, but dove into the lore/world with me and shaped the plot into something much stronger. Would highly recommend!
Scott M.

Scott M.

Oct, 2022

Phenomenally happy with Kate's ideas and writing! She worked fast was very creative and was just a joy to work with. I will absolutely be hiring her again!
Michael W.

Michael W.

Sep, 2022

Kate was fantastic to work with. She communicated well and provided great work within the time we planned. I would definitely work with her on future projects!
Holly S.

Holly S.

Mar, 2022

Kate is one of the best ghostwriters I've ever worked with. She captured my ideas for a contemporary romance and created an exciting story that was compelling, sexy, and creative—just what you want in a romance novel! I can't wait to work together again.

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