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NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriter, editor and proofreader. Books, also scripts, music and short business projects etc. Ask what we do!


I'm a book ghostwriter running an online ghostwriting services company. GWI also does developmental editing and any other kind of editing needed. For manuscripts, books, screenplays, scripts, music and lyrics.
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Jan, 2011 — Present

I am on the Internet as an affordable, Amazon and NYT bestselling ghostwriter, rewriter, copyeditor and proofreader of book manuscripts, and I have performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. I usually only take credit as the “editor” when I ghostwrite or copyedit for an author, and my fees are often lower than industry standard rates for most highly professional ghostwriters, rewriters, book coaches, copyeditors, manuscript formatters and proofreaders.

Please visit our website at for more info about Ghost Writer, Inc. We perform affordable, inexpensive freelance copy writing, ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, analysis and full professional formatting for books, memoirs and screenplays, and we do many other writing-related services for reasonable prices. Recently, we have begun offering lyrics and music ghost writing and editing services. We also offer a links exchange service and many other professional services such as graphics and photography, literary agent contacts, marketing, sales, promotions, and self, indie, boutique and commercial publishing and optioning assistance. We may even be able to arrange a TV show, film, video or movie to be made from your book, and we can arrange professional services that present and pitch your work to major TV and film industry executives, through our diverse partner agencies and companies.

I have won awards for my journalism, poetry, short stories and articles. I am multiply published and have had my own novellas, short stories and articles published. I am currently working on “The Rainbow Horizon,” a humorous fiction novel set in a small town in Washington State. I have contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as a multitude of online publications.

I am always on the lookout for new projects and first-time clients.

Publishing houses we've worked with: Penguin Random House, Unicorn Press, Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Harlequin Enterprises, Disney-Hyperion, Severn House, Lyons Press, Hachette Books, Backbeat Books and dozens of other small, medium and large-scale publishers. Over time, 100s of diverse publishers and film companies have been associated with Ghost Writer, Inc. And also with the separate members of our referral team of ghostwriters, editors, marketers, promoters, publishers and others.


Jan, 2003 — Dec, 2010 (almost 8 years)

Founder and Owner of Rainbow Writing, Inc. Started a freelance ghostwriting services company. Based on the writings and teachings of Philip Roth, ghost writer par excellence. Many clients over the years, including writing a book for the daughter of the man who caught Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s killer. A book by a ten-camp Holocaust survivor. Two books by US Marines, one a Vietnam War veteran, the other a CIA and Afghanistan warrior. Three academic fiction novels by a Haitian-American university professor. Book by a Rwandan-Canadian feminist post the horrible 1994 genocide in Rwanda, book by a team member of GWI about Rwanda topping the NYT bestseller lists. It's still taught in American classrooms in 2018 - Inside the Hotel Rwanda. Many books on the New York Times Bestseller Lists for both fiction and nonfiction. Owner had three books on the New York Times bestseller lists, including one for eight months as a bestseller.


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Karen S. Cole is on the Internet as an affordable ghostwriter, rewriter, copy editor and proofreader of book manuscripts, and I have performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. I usually only take credit as the “editor” when I ghostwri... read more
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