Kalil Meier

Kalil Meier


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I majored in English, to teach, read post grad theology to understand, researched everything else, just because I could. DTP, web design and copy writing, freelance writing for those that thought I could put more than two words together. Written and illustrated two children’s book series. Have taken the huge step into the world of Direct and Independent digital publishing, because I believe in the future of this medium. I have even succumbed and will be starting my own blog. Don’t know what I am going to write there but I will defiantly enjoy the ride, hopefully I will see you there soon However, forever the quintessential romantic and traditionalist, the feel, smell and atmosphere of printed books still attracts me, don’t walk past a book shop with me if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Like all things on this planet, they have to change. We witness this with the Japanese Samurai, American Indian and Cowboy, the African great Ivory hunters, the future unceremoniously catches up to them, you either adapt or die. I choose life! I think maybe its time this caterpillar needs to eat its way out of the pupa and see if it has grown some wings

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Kelsey Whitsett

Former NYC editor specializing in memoir and literary fiction. I love working with authors to ensure their work is at its absolute best.

Madison, CT, USA

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Russ Clow

I'm a freelance website designer/developer with over 10 years experience in the industry, specialising in Wordpress design and development.

Derby, UK

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