Katie Carruthers-Busser

Katie Carruthers-Busser – Editor

Professional production editor at Hachette Book Group, a Big Five publisher, with extensive experience copyediting and proofreading.


Hello! My name is Katie, and I currently work as a production editor with Hachette Book Group, where I specialize in nonfiction trade publishing. I hold a certificate in copyediting from UCSD and previously worked as a project editor with Syracuse University Press. At Hachette, I work on titles in the Basic Books, Seal Press, PublicAffairs, and Bold Type Books imprints, and topics range from memoir to political science to popular psychology to social studies.

Copyediting experience includes Postrevolutionary Iran: A Political Handbook by Mehrzad Boroujerdi and Kourosh Rahimkhani (Syracuse University Press, 2018) and Making Peace with Referendums: Cyprus and Northern Ireland by Joana Amaral (Syracuse University Press, 2019).

I love my career in publishing, especially because I get to work with authors and help them bring their books to life. I look forward to working with you to see your project through to the finish line!
Biographies & Memoirs Humanities & Social Sciences Political Science & Current Affairs
English (US)
  • Certificate in copyediting--UCSD

Work experience

Hachette Book Group

Feb, 2019 — Present

As production editor with HBG, I manage 20-25 titles per year from manuscript to bound book and e-book in wide-ranging nonfiction categories, including history, politics, international studies, science, business, memoir, women’s studies, and current affairs. I create production schedules, prepare manuscripts for electronic editing, hire and supervise freelance copyeditors, proofreaders, and indexers, prepare manuscript for typesetting, and review all stages of text proofs and approve final text for press.

Syracuse University Press

Mar, 2017 — Feb, 2019 (almost 2 years)

As a project editor with Syracuse University Press, I worked with the managing editor to facilitate the publication of both academic and trade books. We worked together to create schedules, hire freelancers, and review manuscripts and page proofs. We reviewed manuscripts and page proofs carefully, sometimes editing and proofreading ourselves, in order to maintain the highest quality of publication.


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Claire V.

Claire V.

Oct, 2020

Katie is prompt and responsive, detailed and a great communicator. Recommended!
Oye A.

Oye A.

Aug, 2020

Great working with her
Omar L.

Omar L.

Apr, 2020

Kaitlin did a wonderful job proofreading my book The Servant Leader's Manifesto. The copy is extremely clean and I'm sure she caught everything!