Jeremiah Tolbert

Jeremiah Tolbert - Web Developer

Lawrence, United States

I build science fiction, fantasy, and mystery author websites, and I know WordPress so well, I can make it sit up and bark.

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I founded my studio with a mission: to help make author websites not suck. Back in the Stone Ages (2008), the web was really taking off as a platform for authors. Free services proliferated, but the design quality of author websites felt like it hadn't kept up with the times. Since then, I've made a dent in things, but there's a lot of work left to be done.

Utilizing WordPress as my platform, I focus on building easy to use and maintain author websites that have a professional polish above and beyond what you can accomplish with off-the-shelf parts. I specialize in developing custom content tools that authors need. Instead of forcing your website into a WordPress theme that's built for a different kind of small business, I've tailored our tools to the particular needs of writers.

And I know writers; I'm one myself, with a few dozen professional short story sales to various publications. I eat my own dog food, as they say in programming-speak. My own site runs the same code I develop for my clients. Because I'm a writer too, I know better the challenges and needs an author website has.

I've worked with publishers, individual authors, and author's organizations. Some of my ongoing clients include Orbit Books, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Michael Connelly, Ann Leckie, Kameron Hurley, Lightspeed, Nightmare, and Uncanny Magazines. Check out the gallery below for a few screenshots. Each design is tailored to my client's needs.

I'm happy to discuss full scale website redesigns or builds, or even just helping take on the regular maintenance tasks necessary for operating a secure and stable WordPress website. If you need help with a WordPress website, I'm here.
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Short Story

Work experience

Website Designer and Developer

January, 2009 – Present (over 11 years)

I founded my studio in 2009 to utilize my nearly 20 years of experience in building websites for organizations such as AOL and Kraft instead for authors and publishers.


Orbit Books

Clockpunk Studios works regularly with Orbit Books to produce single-page books marketing tools as part of Orbit's larger marketing plans for titles.

Science Fiction Writers of America

Clockpunk Studios designed and developed a new WordPress-backed website for the Science Fiction Writers of America. Clockpunk put a particular emphasis on information architecture and better organizational tools, as well as developing new custom layout tools to help the content creators of the organization build richer, more usable pages.

Clockpunk Studios currently acts as the ongoing SFWA webmaster, maintaining the website and the SFWA forums, and performs regular maintenance and design updates on an ongoing basis.

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