Iris Hunter

Iris Hunter - Publicist

New York, NY, USA

I love using my expertise in marketing and experience as Virtual Assistant for fiction authors to help your new books shine on the internet!

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We launched IG Reads in 2010. Our bookshelf is also linked to our Goodreads and Amazon accounts with over 1500 reviews. Every year we feature over 200 new book releases. Here at IG Reads we feature reviews on mostly all genres but mostly in the following genres:

  • YOUNG ADULT (Mature)

ID Reads offers book related features, reviews, giveaways, interviews, guest posts and so much more. We have also launched ID Reads BOOK TOURS to help authors promote their books on blogs. This fantastic service gives authors the exposure they deserve and offers bloggers more readers for their blogs.

Our Services
In addition to book news and reviews, we offer several first class author services. These services include Virtual Book Tours, Cover Designs, Book Formatting, and Social Media Designs. We also enable authors to give away freebees to our blog readers and bloggers promoting their work, including free books and book banners.

New Adult
Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Writing & Publishing


  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing NIMA


  • None

Work experience

over 200 blog tours and many book cover designs

January, 2007 – Present (almost 14 years)


Virtual Author Assistant/PR for Authors

Why not let me help you to promote your book?
As you probably already know, writing a book involves a lot of time and effort. The trouble is, many great authors work hard to create a wonderful book, yet their work never receives the recognition it deserves. Often this is because they lack marketing skills, or they don’t have the time to promote their work. Why let this happen to you when you have worked so hard to write your book in the first place?

Did You Know Your Book Can Reach Number 1 on Amazon Before it is Published?
The writers who achieve best seller status don’t necessarily write the best books. What they do excel at is promoting their work online. You might be surprised to learn that the most successful writers begin marketing their books before they have finished writing them. John Green, author of “The Fault in Their Stars” reached number 1 on both Amazon and Barnes Noble before his book was even released. That’s right, his book was a success before anyone had read a single page.

How Is That Even Possible?
John achieved huge sales success by promoting his book to 1.1 million Twitter followers, well before the publication date. Of course, most people don’t have the time or experience to get over a million followers on Twitter, or the necessary social media marketing skills. And that is where I come in.

Let Me Help You to Sell More Copies of Your Book
To help your book achieve the success it deserves, I offer two competitive packages and several stand-alone services.

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