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Michael W.

Michael W.

Victoria, Canada

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I am an experienced ghostwriter of books and blogs, with a background in general book publishing. I am excellent with short timelines.

Work experience:

  • Penfold Consulting Ltd.

Services: Ghostwriting Book Proposal Short-Form Content

Genres: Biographies & Memoirs Non-Fiction Business & Management Cooking & Food Wine & Spirits Finance & Accounting Math & Science History Humanities & Social Sciences Writing & Publishing Travel

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Book Proposals Canada

Writing a book proposal can be frustrating, especially since you could be focusing on your book instead. Well, good thing we’re here to help you! Our book proposal writers in Canada can compose convincing letters that will persuade publishers. They don’t cast hypnotic spells — in case you’re wondering — but they do employ their eloquence to validate the book you hope to publish. Book proposal experts are good at researching and demonstrating why your idea for a non-fiction book is worth publishers’ resources.

One of the biggest factors these proposal writers do so well in presenting your thoughts is the fact that they strive to build a good relationship with their clients. A proposal doesn’t just communicate the technicalities of researching and writing your book — it must also show that you have the passion to go through with it and create the best piece of work possible. So sign up and let’s start working on realizing your project together!

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