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PB Hawks

PB Hawks

Florence, OR, United States

I haven't been writing very long. I have a love for writing that makes me dream of becoming a writer people love to read.

Work experience


January, 2015 – April, 2016 (about 1 year)

Transfixed is a Christian Contemporary Fiction novel about Mystery, Romance, Family Drama, and a Christian way of life. It brings us through a life of a man named Jim, his childhood to his Military and Architectural careers leading up to a romance that he never saw coming. Which led to marrying a beautiful Christian woman named Amy. Amy had two children from a previous marriage, Saturday and Jackson. This would sound like a simple story to tell except for the tragic circumstance to the girl that would soon become his daughter or step-daughter, depending on your point of view. A small town in Northwest America came face to face with a crime that would leave them reeling from the suspense.

Can You The Holy Spirit?

January, 2015 – January, 2016 (about 1 year)

The Lord had told his disciples: “If you don’t believe in the words I say, believe in the signs and wonder that I perform”. Everybody seeks a ‘proof’ of the existence of God. It is time to realize that it is not always in the vision but in the deeds that God can be seen in. In the first century, the Church could always show a sign of the existence of the almighty. However, in the present day, the Holy Spirit cannot find the freedom to move about freely. But the desire to see his Holy work is something that will never be subdued among the human population. “When we preach the word, signs and wonder should follow”. The Christian church today is different from anything else on the face of Earth and the difference lies in the demonstration of power i.e. although the church of today does not lash out power, it has an enigma- a belief of its own. Power isn’t something that could be bought around on the streets- power is a special gift and only those with the right sense of use of that power can truly understand the essence of it. The entire story revolves around how the world wants to witness the miracles of God

The Vistor

August, 2013 – February, 2014 (6 months)

This short story is selling around the world because it exposes the true character of the Church - The people
When reading this book you will truly understand the Holy Spirit.
When a church is seen as a building and not the spiritual entirety by the community it is in, we think it to be nothing more than a gathering place. What allows a Church to be the voice of the Spirit of God. Do we understand the dynamics and significance of what is a Church and how it defines the community it serves? The Church s not a structure, it is not that simple to explain, a Church is the life of the very people that are influenced by the Spirit of its teachings. A Church in need is a Church that lacks the Holy Spirit's influence. A Church in need is a Church dying because of the absence of the person that could bring it the glory that God always wanted for it obtain. Will the Church, obtain the joy, peace, and holiness that will draw the world to its doors? See how this little Church went about finding the presents of God, and how its actions almost destroys all that God had given it.

The Holy Spirit cannot be defined by the church’s action.
Craving for God to move in your Church will take all your strength and a willingness to pray until it is achieved. However, by doing these actions you will receive the benefits that last your whole life. The Holy Spirit will bring to your church all of his presents and all the benefits along with Him. I would encourage you to start today and begin to welcome His presents, you will never regret one moment.

Can you imagine the Spirit of God in your presents?

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