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Gina Lucia - Web Developer

Bath, United Kingdom

I'm Gina, I create websites that don't just look good but boost more readers and sales. Worked with: crime, dystopian, non-fiction and more.

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Chances are, you're a new OR seasoned author struggling to make your online presence click with your readers. It's okay, you're not alone.

Creating a compelling website that promotes your books and makes you money is the last thing on your mind when all you really want to do is write. That's where I come in. I help authors create a professional platform that attracts the right kind of readers and helps them sell more books. Creating a unique online presence for authors is what I love doing.

Together, we will create your platform - from your book launch website to your social media strategy. I make sure that I'm fully immersed in your world. In order to create a website that's tailored to you, I read your book, research your audience and apply my knowledge to produce your perfect platform.

Depending on what stage you're at in your writing journey, I can create your book launch or pre-launch website. A fully fledged book website complete with email sign up and blog, or simply help you create social media images for your next big release.

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Web Designer & Marketing Expert

December, 2012 – Present (about 7 years)

I have been working in web design for a number of years, specialising in creative businesses and author websites. My portfolio of work is consistently growing as I focus more on author/book websites, and less on creative and local businesses.


Author Adesola Akinleye

I had worked with Adesola previously, so when she told me about her latest book and asked me to create a website for it, I was thrilled.

The beauty and nature of Narratives in Black British Dance enabled me to be fully creative with the subject matter. Adesola wanted an inspiring and dynamic website that stood out amongst other book websites. The colour scheme I created for the site is a sharp contrast of light and dark to mimic a contemporary dance studio, with a pop of bright yellow to bring the site to life and give a clear indication for buttons and sign-ups.

The site's main focus for Adesola was the interviews, so those take centre stage as blog posts. Later, the site features the book as well as an email sign up for Adesola to take forward.

Author Eva Stacey

Author Eva Stacey needed a website creating for her upcoming trilogy of crime/thriller novels. I'd worked with the author previously on another project and so was pleased to be asked to create her author website too.

She wanted to represent her crime/thriller books in a new way - avoiding cliches completely. I created Eva an author brand with logo, colour scheme and brand elements, as well as her book launch website for The Wedding Picture. The uniqueness of the website has received praise from visitors.

The site was designed to focus on increasing email sign-ups for the eventual release date of the book, so the first thing readers see is the offer of a free chapter. This has worked well and Eva is seeing more people sign up as she works to promote the release.

As ongoing work, I've been tasked with creating various social media images to advertise the cover reveal and launch date of the book.

Ethos Enivronmental

Ethos needed their website re-designed and updated. I worked with them to produce a website that not only focused on getting them more interaction with potential clients, but looked modern and up to date too.

The website needed to promote ethos as a trusted business but also show their social and fun side. This was achieved by introducing their social feed on the homepage and creating fun graphics to go in the footer.

Author Moira Young

Dystopian fantasy author Moira Young needed a website that reflected the world her books were created in. The website I created is atmospheric yet simple. Moira wanted a website that she didn't have to update but still gave readers enough 'bonus content' to keep them happy and interested.

The site is a take on the one-page website, with extra pages for Moira's books. Embedded videos give the site a more interactive feel. The focus for Moira on this site was her film influences. So, I created cinematic images to go with her personalised copy.

Although the site is simple in its structure, it's been one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on.

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