Gail Fay

Gail Fay – Editor

Copy editor with 13 years' experience helping authors produce clear, polished nonfiction books: biography/memoir, self-help, how-to, sports


Since starting my editing business in 2006, I have worked on hundreds of nonfiction book-length manuscripts: biography/memoir, education, how-to, psychology, religion/spirituality, self-help, sports, young adult, and more.

As a copy editor/line editor, I excel at fixing mechanics, eliminating wordiness and awkward syntax, smoothing transitions, and ensuring the manuscript is clear, correct, and consistent. As a developmental editor, I help authors with manuscript organization, headings, logic and clarity of steps/argument, tone, and overall effectiveness. As a published writer, I appreciate the need to maintain the author's voice while making edits to improve readability and flow.

My consistently high-quality work has resulted in years of editing projects from several clients as well as requests to work on high-profile titles such as the New York Times best seller The Value of Debt.

Feedback from happy clients:
* "Wow! Gail really improved the quality of my book! She has a great eye and memory for inconsistencies, confusions, changes in voice . . . basically everything you'd want in a copy editor." ~ author
* "Gail, I am so pleased with your work. You exceeded all expectations." ~ author
* "Gail was wonderful to work with. She did a great job cleaning up our coaching manual, providing a clear voice and keeping us on track. Her turnaround was quick and she stuck to our timeline and budget." ~ editorial coordinator
* "It was a fantastic experience working with Gail! Her timely edits were precise and on point, and she made great recommendations on book structure. She must have ESP because her structural comments covered most of my unasked concerns." ~ author
* "Impressive job of editing. Thank you for your guidance." ~ author
* "Thank you so much, Gail. . . . I wish you could work on all of my books!" ~ editorial coordinator
* "Your copy editor is amazing, my hat is off to her for her accuracy and train of thought." ~ author to production coordinator
Biographies & Memoirs Children’s Non-Fiction Education & Reference History Psychology Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sports & Outdoors
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jun, 2006 — Present

- Work with self-publishing authors, publishers, and book packagers
- More than 200 completed book-length projects
- Hired for high-profile titles, including the New York Times best seller The Value of Debt (Wiley, 2013)
- Sole copyeditor for Rowman and Littlefield’s young adult nonfiction series It Happened to Me
- Reputation for delivering a thorough edit at the requested level in the desired time frame
- Well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.), the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.), and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.)
- Edit in Microsoft Word using track changes, comments, and styles
- Clients include Scribe Media, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, Steel Sports Inc., Trivium Test Prep Partners, and independent authors worldwide

- Author, informational texts for grades 3–6
Example: Economies around the World (Heinemann-Raintree, 2012), selected by Junior Library Guild/SLJ Curriculum Levels

- Author, biographies for grades 3–6
Example: Malcolm X (Heinemann-Raintree, 2013)

- Author, YA informational text
Sports: The Ultimate Teen Guide (Rowman and Littlefield, 2013)

Los Angeles Baptist High School

Sep, 1989 — Jun, 1999 (over 9 years)


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Gail has 5 reviews





Chianeva G.

Chianeva G.

Oct, 2018

Gail is Amazing! Her feedback was invaluable to making my book all it can be. I am so thankful for her and look forward to working with her gain.
Mihail M.

Mihail M.

Aug, 2018

Gail did a great job, and she is very responsive. Her work is truly professional, and the documents that she has sent back are clear and easy to follow.
Reader O.

Reader O.

May, 2018

Gail did developmental editing on my manuscript. She has done a great job. My manuscript was still my own, but a better version. She replies fast and was on time. I would recommend Gail to everyone.
Aaron W.

Aaron W.

Feb, 2018

Gail has been a fantastic collaborator for my project. She was very knowledgeable and worked with me through each step of the way as a copy editor. Her changes and feedback helped bring out the heart of the book, and I highly recommend her for your writing project needs.
Cianna S.

Cianna S.

Nov, 2017

Wow! Gail really improved the quality of my book! She has a great eye and memory for inconsistencies, confusions, changes in voice, confusions... basically everything you'd want in a copy editor. In addition, she was easy to work with, nice, and thorough in her communications. Highly recommended!

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