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Erika Millen – Editor

Accurate, insightful indexing. With over 1,000 published indexes, I can create an index that helps set your book apart from the competition.


Hi, I’m Erika. I craft thorough, reader-friendly indexes that help sell books.

With more than 1,000 published print and digital indexes, I can create an index that helps set your book apart from the competition. My portfolio includes topics from science to humanities, with particular emphasis in technology, design, finance/economics, and the sciences.

Whether your workflow is traditional or XML-based, I have the flexibility to work with you to meet your production needs. As a member of the American Society for Indexing, I stay current with changes in the industry. I love what I do and strive to make each project its best.

Imprints I’ve worked with include Addison-Wesley, Amsterdam University Press, Cisco Press, FT Press, Harvard Business Review Press, Harvard University Press, The Johns Hopkins University Press, IBM Press, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, McGraw-Hill, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Microsoft Press, The MIT Press, Prentice Hall, Princeton University Press, Que Publishing, RosettaBooks, Routledge, Sams Publishing, Texas A&M University Press, University of Chicago Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, United States Institute of Peace Press, VMware Press, and Wharton School Publishing.

My background includes a B.A. in English linguistics, graduate work in TESOL, and 20 years as an in-house indexer for Pearson’s technology and business imprints. Through a series of corporate acquisitions, I gained experience working for three major publishers—Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and Pearson—without ever leaving my desk.

In my free time, I volunteer as an editor with, a not-for-profit working to expand financial access to underserved communities both here in the US and around the globe.

Business & Management Computers & Internet Design Education & Reference Life Sciences Psychology Technology
English (UK) English (US)
  • Member, American Society for Indexing
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Work experience


Mar, 2016 — Present

I write print and digital indexes that help sell books. While my specialty is computer science and technology, my portfolio includes topics from political science to sports.

Whether your workflow is print, digital, or XML-based, I have the skills and flexibility to adapt to your production needs. As a member of the American Society for Indexing, I stay current with changes in the industry. I love what I do and strive to make each project its best.

Imprints I’ve worked with include Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, FT Press, Harvard Business Review Press, Harvard University Press, The Johns Hopkins University Press, IBM Press, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, McGraw-Hill, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Microsoft Press, The MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson Business, Prentice Hall, Princeton University Press, Que Publishing, RosettaBooks, Routledge, Sams Publishing, United States Institute of Peace Press, VMware Press, and Wharton School Publishing.


Jul, 1998 — Feb, 2016 (over 17 years)

As part of a fast-paced editorial team, I contributed indexes to more than 650 print and digital titles for Pearson's technology and business imprints, helping to generate millions in revenue. I was entrusted with multiple high-profile releases, including 10 editions of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, one of Que’s two 2M+ lifetime unit sellers. I regularly collaborated with editors, vendors, and page compositors on 6 to 10 concurrent assignments to maintain aggressive production schedules.

In an industry that is constantly changing, I helped to deliver innovative products by expanding my indexing skillset to include XML-based production, digital-first projects, and ebook indexes. I also reviewed digital publications for quality and accuracy prior to release.

Macmillan Computer Publishing

Aug, 1994 — Jul, 1998 (almost 4 years)

During my time at Macmillan, I contributed to more than 100 titles in Macmillan's technology and general reference imprints while managing up to eight projects concurrently. I was retained through multiple reorganizations as Macmillan Computer Publishing was acquired by Simon & Schuster, Viacom, and ultimately by Pearson.


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