Elizabeth Agresta

Elizabeth Agresta – Editor

I am a copy editor and proofreader with three years of professional experience working on texts for academic and general audiences.


I'm an editorial assistant in the Manuscript Editorial department at the MIT Press in Cambridge, MA. I've been working in the publishing world for a little over four years and have freelanced for clients including Sheridan Journal Services, University of Massachusetts Press, and AMC Press. My professional work has mainly involved scholarly texts (primarily in new media, game studies, business, and the life sciences), but in my spare time I offer developmental editing to friends who are fiction writers, and would love to do more of that kind of work on a professional basis. I love outlining and spitballing and am always happy for people to bounce ideas off of me.
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English (US)
  • Master's Degree in Publishing & Writing

Work experience


Jun, 2016 — Present

I have edited books for UMass Press and AMC Press and work as an independent contractor for Sheridan Journal Services as a copy editor for the FASEB Journal. Before I started on that account, I was assigned to the American Society for Nutrition account and edited articles for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of Nutrition. I have also assisted individual clients by editing dissertations and theses.

The MIT Press

Sep, 2015 — Present

Along with administrative tasks, I convey information regarding schedules and the production process to 10+ authors each season, edit marketing copy for the MIT Press's seasonal catalogs as well as jacket copy and endorsements, edit and proofread indexes, supervise freelance editors and occasionally proofreaders, and edit my own books when the schedule allows for it. I've listed some MITP books that I edited (Thompson, Fire, Ice , and Physics; Siyahhan and Gee, Families at Play) as well as several others that required additional review and proofreading after someone else had copy edited the manuscript.


Exploring the science in George R. R. Martin's fantastical world, from the physics of an ice wall to the genetics of the Targaryens and Lannisters.Game of Thrones is a fantasy that features a lot of made-up science―fabricated climatology (when is winter coming... read more
All organizations grapple with what digitalization means for their business and, in particular, how digital forces will drive their approaches to innovation. But very few organizations have clearly defined the scale, speed, and scope of their engagement with t... read more
The relationship between management and digital technology: experts present a new agenda for the practice of management.Digital technology has profoundly affected the ways that businesses design and produce goods, manage internal communication, and connect wit... read more
Advice on how companies can succeed in the new digital business environment.The most important skills a leader needs to succeed in a digital environment are not technical in nature but managerial―strategic vision, forward-looking perspective, change-oriented m... read more
The world of Twitterbots, from botdom's greatest hits to bot construction to the place of the bot in the social media universe.Twitter offers a unique medium for creativity and curiosity for humans and machines. The tweets of Twitterbots, autonomous software s... read more
How sharing the mundane details of daily life did not start with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but with pocket diaries, photo albums, and baby books.Social critiques argue that social media have made us narcissistic, that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You... read more
A look at the origins of an American button-pushing society and the illusion of effortless control at the touch of a finger.Push a button and turn on the television; tap a button and get a ride; click a button and "like" something. The touch of a finger can se... read more
How family video game play promotes intergenerational communication, connection, and learning.Video games have a bad reputation in the mainstream media. They are blamed for encouraging social isolation, promoting violence, and creating tensions between parents... read more
The approach the United States has taken to addressing teen pregnancy―a ubiquitous concern in teen education and perennial topic in popular culture―has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Specifically since the radical overhaul of welfare policy in... read more
AMC's Best Day Hikes near Philadelphia will take you through 50 of the region's best hikes for all levels. Ideal for families, tourists, and locals alike, this easy-to-use guide will help you explore Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware year-round, f... read more

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Damu W.

Damu W.

Oct, 2019

Elizabeth did an excellent job. I am appreciative of her efforts. I feel she helped take key pieces of the book from good to pretty damn good. Thanks, Liz.
Sara A.

Sara A.

Apr, 2019

Excellent as usual! Love working with Elizabeth.
Sara A.

Sara A.

Apr, 2019

Excellent to work with, very meticulous and great recommendations. Will definitely use again.

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