Elaine O'Neill

Elaine O'Neill – Editor

I'm a former Hay House Commissioning Editor, with 20 years of editing experience. I love words and yours are safe in my hands.


If everyone has a book inside them, how do you make yours stand out? There's no doubt each of us have something important to share with the world; I believe that to my core. But, there's a difference between publishing a book and publishing a bestseller.

It's my job as a non-fiction writing coach to help my clients change the lives of their readers, even in some small way. Whether they're interested in finding an agent or going the self-publishing route, I help writers to trim the faff, expand their own energy within their work, and really centre down on what matters most.

I've been an editor for 20 years and I love what I do. I know just what it takes to draw the reader in, to let the message land, to inspire and encourage through words. Oftentimes, it's a subtle shift, something so small but so important. Other times, the final manuscript is leagues away from the original, but closer to the writer than they could have ever imagined. This process is fun, not just for me, but for you. It's uplifting, motivating and empowering.

If you're looking to turn out a non-fiction book that makes an impact, leaves ego behind, and speaks to the legacy you want to create, then email me and let's get working on those words.

Knowledge in: non-fiction books; coaching; editor; commissioning editor; self-publishing; traditional publishing; mind/body/spirit and personal-growth market; book-title brainstorming; developmental edits; manuscript reviews; proposal reviews; and more.

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Nov, 2018 — Present

Hay House

Nov, 2018 — Mar, 2020 (over 1 year)

Time Inc Media

Feb, 2015 — Nov, 2018 (over 3 years)


Sep, 2003 — Present

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Maeve G.

Maeve G.

Jan, 2024

Elaine was wonderful to work with her responses were prompt, her feedback on my manuscript was constructive and considerate and I feel confident in moving forward with editing and developing my book. Thanks to Elaine for the support and encouragement which has been hugely helpful for me personally.
Dr. Brad L.

Dr. Brad L.

Apr, 2023

Elaine is wonderful to work with. Insightful, responsive, professional, and I think wise. I could not recommend her more highly.
Mags C.

Mags C.

Jul, 2022

Elaine is precise, clear and professional throughout. A joy to work with
Benjamin A.

Benjamin A.

Mar, 2022

Elaine was wonderful. I hope to work again with her.
Hagai A.

Hagai A.

Jan, 2022

The feedback was highly enlightening and instructive for me. I needed the big picture view and it was useful. The comments were specific, practical and with enough details so that i apply . Wrds of encouragements are always good. It was a great experience and I am gratefull.

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