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Anthony Avina


My name is Anthony Avina. I am a writer, author and blogger. I write book reviews for a living, working with authors of both independent and large publishing house fame. I offer free and expedited reviews to authors, as well as interviews, guest posts and more.

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Nicole Dieker


Writer, editor, and teacher. I review one book a week at as part of my daily posts on the art and the finances of a creative career. Am interested in books on writing and publishing, literary fiction, and SF&F.

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Find your next Young Adult Fantasy read

If you suspect your Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail or sometimes wonder if you’re actually descended from a Greek god, you just might be a fan of young adult fantasy.

You might never be able to learn magic in a Scottish castle, or step into a wardrobe to rule over a world of talking animals. But you can enter the enchanted land of Reedsy Discovery, where our book reviewing wizards are ready to dazzle you with the best indie young adult fantasy books.

Whether you’re 13 going on 30 or the other way around, you’ll find plucky heroines and heart-stopping adventures to ensorcel you. Just don’t forget to “follow” your favorite reviewers so you can get their latest recommendations right away. It’s not quite as exciting as receiving a package by owl, but trust us — it’s the next best thing.

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