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(They/them) Young Adult Book Enthusiast from Somerset in the UK

Vee Ramage


Submission guidelines

I do not accept PDF ebooks. I only accept ePub, mobi and physical copies.

I'll read any all requests, but for various reasons I may not want to read the book, so I'll only reply to the ones I accept.

All the reviews are my own opinion and honest at the time of reviewing.

I only read Young Adult and Middle Grade/Children's books, this does not include picture books. I also do not read new adult books, please be aware I am asexual so I prefer my books to not have graphic sex scenes.

If I accept, reviews usually get posted to my blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

About me

You can find me avoiding reading on Twitter and Instagram as @Vee_Bookish, or writing reviews on Goodreads. And when I’m not online, I can be found watching Drag Race, travelling around Somerset in search of old bookshops and hoarding items for whichever hobby I’m currently into.

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📚 100 books read per year

🏆 10 submissions per year