Sue Lewando

Sue Lewando

The prime directive of fiction is not to carry a message, but to enthral. Novels of pure, unashamed escapism: a gift from me to you.

Sue Lewando

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Daemon Spawn

Aspen is the half-breed daughter of Elphic, the usurper Daemon King and a Morthian Noblewoman. When the golden-haired Calvic Prince arrives with an army, determined to wrest back his rightful inheritance, war is imminent. Aspen becomes a pawn in the game of kings, but she had never been very good...

About me

I had 9 mainstream novels published while working full time, and raising a family. I finally acquired a pre-owned partner, and we followed our dreams. We're doing up wreck in Ireland, running a smallholding, and I write more complex stories. We kayak off the coast, and play Irish music for tourists.

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