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Somewhere in the frigid wilderness of Siberia, Russian scientists are working on a dangerous new weapon. At the same time, the Kremlin is forming bold new alliances that might mean global war. There aren't many options left for the U.S. If they want to know what the enemy is developing, they'll h...

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The Temple of the Eye

Cael and Sid are two rogues and musicians with a knack for trouble and solving crimes. In a fantasy world of medieval charm, Cael uses logic and science to uncover murders and mayhem, while Sid, his trusty friend, sidekick, troubadour and doctor, accompanies him, as long as there is a pretty lad...

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Ryan Husk won the 2009 EVVY Award for fiction. He has written fourteen novels and numerous short stories. He is a self-defense instructor, has trained SWAT and bodyguards, and works private security.

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