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Mark Lingane

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The mythology of Narcissus told as a techno-gothic tragedy. Darkness is a reflection, and Julian is a lonely man until he meets the love of his life. Unfortunately, she is psychotic and drives him into his own madness. His only reprieve is in the arms of a sexbot. But who will win the emotiona...

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A boy on the run. A secret held. A weapon unleashed. Out on the scorched plains of the West Australian deserts lives a boy in a hunk of rusted metal. His life is simple: search for water aquifers and sell their location to the water-starved megaRig cities crawling over the countryside. But fat...

About me

Mark wrote weekly and monthly technology columns in newspapers and magazines, funding a noncommittal path through university, studying a range of topics including Robotics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Psychology. He now writes off-beat science fiction. Some have won awards.

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