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The Daemon Portfolio

“Tell me who I was, then.” Heiress Loretta Topedico is found dead of unknown causes in her greenhouse. A jaded reporter turns to Loretta’s illegitimate daughter, Sara Herne, to get the ‘real story,’ the story only a daughter knows of her mother. Sara, a solitary Wiccan, questions, “What dau...

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Synopsis Nan Wicket sees her once thriving hometown of Grand River dying. Only Nan’s daycare (operated in her home), Bitty’s Restaurant and the dry goods stores remain open in an otherwise ghost town that once bustled with activity and people. Her friends, the Little People, or Llurkers (as ...

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The Final Catcher

Stephen Whitecolt left the small Native American community he’d grown up in to study “white man’s medicine.” He took with him the lore and knowledge of a shaman, as well as a broken heart. He did not expect to return. It is not long after he moves back to his grandfather’s cabin that boys from ...

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J.T.K. Gibbs is the author of e-published novel, The C.P.F, as well as co-author with C.D. Winstead of The Final Catcher and Llurkers. The Daemon Portfolio is Book 1 of The Daemon Volumes.

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