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The Truth About Elves

As a bartender in Las Vegas, Curtis seems to have the dream life. He’s single, lives close to the Strip, and only has to worry about when to pick up the next extra shift. No one knows the truth about what happened ten years ago, and no one knows how he spends three months every year: as a part-ti...

How do you overcome a broken heart? For generations, the magic trees have supported the kingdom of Linden. The wood is prized in kingdoms everywhere for its special properties. It's one of the few good things King Christopher inherited from his late father, the evil King Vincent. Vincent al...

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Since 2005, Ekta has written and edited about everything from healthcare to home improvement to Hindi films. She’s a freelance editor, writing contest judge, book podcaster, and book reviewer. Ekta also manages The Write Edge, posting original short fiction, book reviews, and Instagram posts..
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