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A Beautiful Way to Die

A thriller-esque debut novel with a psychological edge and a mystery at it heart. In a hostage rescue situation that goes wrong, handsome anti-hero and would-be rescuer Jamie King suffers psychological damage when Tasered by the police, unleashing his split personality and causing havoc with ...

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After Stroke

After Stroke is a motivational lifeline for all those recovering from a stroke – and their carers too – helping them to adjust to this new situation. David M Hinds, who has himself made a 100% recovery from a major stroke, has used many of the techniques he employed as a successful stress managem...

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Beat Depression

This book is for people who are depressed. It is written from the depressed person's point of view but provides insights and information for carers, friends and relatives of the depressed. It goes straight to the source of the condition, moving the reader step-by-step from hopelessness to relief.

About me

London-born David M Hinds is a stress management consultant by profession and an award-winning business franchisor. His non-fiction works include four corporate stress management training manuals and two health/self-help titles. He lives with his wife, Tatiana, in Plymouth, Devon.

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