Damon Yerg

Damon Yerg

Listen to the place you are in and the people you are near. Care for both.

Damon Yerg


Damon's books

Live on Discovery

Yellowstone Fury

Sam drifts into the sleepy western town of Green Forks for respite from the trail. A chance encounter with a young lady draws him into a melee of murder and mayhem, of rustling and gunslingers, deceit and greed. An action-packed epic western. A tale of stolen cattle, loud with the cry for reve...

About me

I love my mind being in the adventure created by writers. As a youngster, I chased friends around the neighborhood, playing out our favorite goodies and baddies. Now, they say, that should stop. I began writing and hope that, this novel tempts some to sink into the pages and enjoy the experience.

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