Carrie Thorne

Carrie Thorne

Put your feet up, relax, and get lost in a good book

Carrie Thorne


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“Just promise me one thing... don’t sleep with my brother.” No problem, right? In love with the serene setting of her new hometown, in stark contrast to her past in LA, Sophie Jones finds everything she’s ever wanted. Including the warm, whiskey eyes of her best friend's brother. Home from...

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Fate sucks. Even demon hunters deserve a little normal. Rocky outcrops, fierce winds, unpredictable currents, utter darkness. And, a villain bent on blasting apart the veil, unleashing thousands of monsters that would wipe out life as we know it. Yep, pretty much what he'd expected. Ryan Hu...

About me

Artist and scientist, one of Carrie's favorite past-times is getting lost in a fun romance novel. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Carrie also enjoys travelling and exploring the outdoors with her husband, two amazing young children, their goofy lab, and adorably scruffy rescue dog.

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