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I am an author, writer, reader, consultant, career development coach and seeker of knowledge

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We have a choice in putting together the narrative of who we are, and whom we become. We can pick which of the events we connect with, what we conclude about them, and then weave and reweave them into our story. If our Life Story creates our identity, then we must include all the lives we have ...

Our journeys through life follow unexpected paths. Sometimes, looking back offers clarity and understanding, while other times, you find yourself at an unforeseen junction, and it takes your breath away. When the unexpected happens, it can wonderful, challenging or both, yet the way you approach ...

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I am a, writer, reader, consultant, career development coach & seeker of knowledge. I do a lot of a pondering about books, art, authors, music, poetry, service, kindness, & most of all, "people." These are influences that help us develop identity, change it (even reinvent it) as we go through life.

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