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Arrow to the Heart

His patience is running out. A good deed five years ago meant Kane Clarke didn't connect with the love of his life, instead she married his ex-squad mate. 
Now Veronica is free of her ex and Kane wants to make up for lost time. But Veronica has a timeline of her own and Kane needs to act ...

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Redeeming Love

Claire's controlling family schemes to keep her apart from Paul, an ex-marine, ex-bad boy... and recovered alcoholic. The sex is mind blowing and Paul REALLY has changed. But will Claire FINALLY stand up to her family and fight for her man?

About me

Bianca Laurent is a corporate climber turned smut writer who likes it sweet and dirty - just like her readers. Bianca’s naughty little page turners are for women who like their smut smart and easy to read, with relatable characters and struggles, steamy hot sex scenes and happily ever afters.

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