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Amal Abdul-Hussein

Amal Abdul-Hussein


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The Light You Carry

An innocence so pure, our angels on earth. “The Light You Carry” is a children’s book created with the intention of reminding all children in the world of their worth and the light they carry within them. They need reminders of who they are and what they're capable of. The way we treat the childr...

It’s Halloween! It’s time to dress up and play; it’s time to celebrate! Did you ever stop and wonder if the monsters we fear would want to dress up and celebrate as well? And that, maybe, they aren’t as scary as we think? It’s possible...

About me

After focusing on children’s books, Amal Abdul-Hussein decided it was time to make use of the words that her heart was begging to say. Her main purpose will always be to impact children, but to also impact all humans in general as they affect the little ones that are still growing.

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