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With food delivery robots zooming their way across campus lawns and self-driving cars just on the horizon, we seem to be a few years away from living like the Jetsons. But it’s hard not to worry about darker futures that might lie in store — the deepfakes and surveillance states lurking behind our techno-utopian daydreams.

Enter the technothriller, the perfect genre for our turbulent times. It’s full of chilling conspiracies and hot-blooded heroism alike, all fueled by the wildest technologies you can imagine. If you’ve ever wished James Bond had access to a far-future military arsenal, or that The Hitchhiker’s Guide involved defusing a sentient bomb, this is the genre for you. Our thrill-seeking reviewers here on Reedsy Discovery have culled the best indie technothrillers in the game, so you can find the perfect mixture of speculation and spycraft for your next read.

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