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The sky is dark and ominous, the ground cracked beneath your feet, and a strange and heavy aura hangs in the air. Where are you? Not the world you know today, but the sort of world that would result if the world itself, well, came to an end.

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic section of Reedsy Discovery: a collection of the best indie post-apocalyptic books that posit what might happen if we were to experience an international influenza, a catastrophic weather emergency, or a far-reaching nuclear disaster. No matter what the cause, the effect is clear — hardly anyone remains, and those who do must fight desperately to survive.

The innovative indie books of Discovery take a well-worn genre and inject new vitality into it, resulting in post-apocalyptic stories that will have you rooting fiercely for their unlucky heroes… and wondering what you would do in their situation. To get in on the conversation, don’t forget to follow our post-apocalyptic reviewers and comment on their responses!

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