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Did you run for class president in high school? Do you follow national and international politics with laser-focused intensity? Is your favorite show, hands-down, The West Wing? Then you’ve come to the right place — Reedsy Discovery has the best political science books, and you might just stumble across some brilliant political insights you’ve never heard before.

These political science books analyze the past, comment on the present, attempt to predict the future, and often do all three. No matter what your affiliations, you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy… maybe even something that’ll change your entire worldview. And of course, if you’re hoping to embark on a political career, getting some indie political science takes is an absolute must.

Too busy planning to peruse our poli-sci selections? No problem — just follow our political science reviewers on Discovery, and they’ll tell you exactly what to read! Sort of like a political advisor, except you don’t have to pay them. And they probably won’t betray you under oath. (Probably.)

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