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Did you grow up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy? Do you have a poster of a wild-haired Albert Einstein, or perhaps a Stephen Hawking calendar, up in your room to this day? More than anything, are you ardently curious about the scientific concepts that make our world go ‘round?

Then you’re going to love the physics and chemistry section of Reedsy Discovery! From the periodic table to lightwaves to gravity, you’ll find the best physics and chemistry books to refresh your high school memory — and teach you so much more. You may not emerge a nuclear physicist, but you’ll be smarter and more informed after reading each of these books.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the best physics and chemistry books right here on Reedsy Discovery, simply “follow” your favorite reviewers to see what they like. In other words, finding great reads on Discovery isn’t rocket science… even if the subject matter technically is.

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