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Your Destiny is Inside You


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"Your Destiny Is Inside you" by Ana Pat is a really great work of literature and inspiration for all of us!

In "Your Destiny Is Inside you," Ana Pat teaches us the most inspiring ways to have a positive impact on our life. The author says, "Everything is energy, and energy comes in waves that are sometimes high tide and at other times low tide."

Almost all of us may have faced some difficulties or struggles with life that make us feel bad about our destiny, fate or make us feel utterly hopeless in the face of the impending situation. But there is something, something that can bring us out of this dark situation. Something that is inside us!

"Sometimes there are situations in life that seem unbearable, when it seems that things can't get any worse. In such cases, the only light, a lantern in the darkness, can only be found in this well-founded principle: "This will also change".

The author acts as a torchbearer for the victimized souls. The guilt ridden minds. The author brings to light all the things that will act as healers for the deterioration of minds and souls. It has a wonderful effect on the readers. Like a tranquilizer, it helps us to tranquil in the lights of hope and delight.

The author reintroduces the idea of meditation to get the healing that we need badly. In this materialistic world, we might act like hermits who live in a land full of tranquility and solace!

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Ana Pat was born and lived in Poland where they became a successful businessperson and pillar of the community. In 2008, his life fell apart and he underwent a spiritual awakening. Since then, he has devoted more and more time to helping others. He spent several years in India and Nepal. view profile

Published on November 12, 2020

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