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Business is becoming increasingly competitive. Entrepreneurs need an ‘edge’ to accelerate sustainable results, which can come from practical intuition that bypasses the conditioned limitations, transcends comfort zones and helps with aligned decision-making (despite circumstances or others' opinions). Very successful people have used intuition to interpret their business circumstances and clarify their thinking – from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Clinton to George Clooney – they just haven’t talked about it.

This book shares a simple 5-step system you can use to access your own intuitive genius so you can take your largest vision, true potential and greatest challenges into next-level growth opportunities.

When you are congruent with your true potential and personal power, you will naturally live bigger, bolder and happier. You will experience new freedom through right projects and relationships that are magnetically attracted to you. Whatever you choose to do to add value to the world through your work will have greater impact. Essentially, you live from your authentic truth instead of your mental constructs.

As a natural result of using your intuitive insight, you can experience new freedom through clarity to, ultimately, have the business you really want faster and easier. In other words, you can finally arrive.

Overview and Explanation of This Book

What is GEENI and how will it change your business results? 

Business is simple – essentially, it’s an exchange of value. The customer buys a solution that meets a need or solve a problem. The merchant delivers that solution. 

It’s everything else that makes it complicated. It’s easy to get caught up in the doing of your business...

You’ve got multiple priorities (on probably more than one to-do list), constantly reacting to what’s happening while being proactive at identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities, knowing your niche / message / product, measuring your success / expenses / revenues while you’re marketing / delivering services / following up. 

Then there’s the strategy you need to develop and follow for future growth too so you’re working ON your business while you’re working IN it. 

And maybe, as a result, you’re working long hours because it usually takes more time than you think... or at least you’re thinking about your business even when you’re not working it directly and wishing you could be... and the whole time, life is happening all around and through you. 

The net result goes one of two ways for entrepreneurs: 1) they personalize ‘failure’ as a character deficit and feel lost, overwhelmed and stuck, or 2) they get frustrated because they are doing well but know they could be doing better and don’t know how to make it happen. 

So how do you make the most of your business – and even enjoy it along the way?  

Because this is it - this isn’t a dress rehearsal and you don’t get today back. But your cup is already full... so what’s a successful entrepreneur to do? 

Every business owner is responsible for creating and sustaining the revenues that define having a successful business. Many times, that means to go beyond reason, to go with what you know vs. what you are told (or even believe). 

To be a successful entrepreneur means:

•Going against the grain and ‘zagging’ when others are ‘zigging’ to do business your way. 

•Knowing what you uniquely know and being willing to risk following it.

•Speaking your truth but only when necessary and in the right audience, as anything less only wastes your breath. 

•Exploring the edge of your being with fresh perspective and a willingness to see what is unknown, unfamiliar and unexpected. 

•Releasing what doesn’t serve you even if you don’t want to let go or are not sure of what else is waiting for you. 

As an entrepreneur, it is unreasonable to live your life by someone else’s definition. But it is counter-intuitive to be ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ at the same time - to set boundaries AND still be open and vulnerable to receive energy, participate in relationships and maintain a sense of wonder is not easy. 

It is uncomfortable and challenging to surrender to the wisdom of being who you are in the context of a world that wants you to be the same and yet needs you to be different. 

Your distinct natural being, with all the talent, wisdom and perspective you have, is the very reason that you are here – and it is that which makes your life matter in ways that you may not ever know. Going beyond your conditioned logical limitations – beyond reason – is the process of going beyond the bounds of your comfort zone, beyond what others expect, beyond what seems reasonable to truly transform into who you are meant to be in a meaningful, singular and significant way. 

The GEENI System is the solution to these challenges because when you know how to discern the bigger picture from current circumstances, opportunities and relationships, you can gain fresh perspective. Perspective is clarity. Clarity is power in creating results. 

When you have clarity, you know what your next steps are… you can see problems as invitations for growth… you can make decisions that are aligned with your deeper truth and, very likely, accelerate your results. Why? Because when you know what you know and commit to act accordingly, obstacles will melt away and resources will appear as if by magic.

Think back to the last time you really wanted something significant that you got… this isn’t about a pack of gum but something that really mattered to you. Whatever it was, there were likely barriers to getting it and a sense of concern that you might not get it – until you decided to make it happen. In that moment, you may not have realized it but you put all the forces at your disposal to work to bring in that outcome. And, in retrospect, if you had to do it over again, it would be even easier this next time around because you would have clarity around what to do. 

And THAT is the point of GEENI – to give you the clarity you need in any circumstance, situation, opportunity, relationship or challenge point through fresh perspective. This is a 5-part system that will show you how to ask better questions, to expand your possibilities and discover your inner knowingness around your current focus.  

When do you need GEENI?

Real transformation sneaks up on you. Maybe you have experienced that moment – that face-palm, slap to the forehead instant – when you realize you are in the middle of unplanned, unexpected, unpredicted life change. It can feel like all the air just got sucked out of the room when you figure it out because real transformation changes everything. What was can no longer be, not because you don’t want it but because it just won’t work in your life anymore. Who you were then is not who you are now… and the ‘now’ you cannot be put back into the smaller container of who you were ‘then’. 

Basically, when you change, everything else changes. If you see everything ‘out there’ changing, it’s time to look within. 

When the rhythm of your life changes, using GEENI can be helpful to create more intentional transformation. The new cadence to how things flow, or don’t flow, in your life can start out small and get bigger over time as needed to get your attention (depending on if you ignore, deny, neglect or avoid it). Or it may seem that it’s happening all at once – various aspects of your life feel like they are each crumbling or imploding at virtually the same time. 

We like to think that we can see what’s coming and adapt proactively. We pride ourselves on managing all the spinning plates and bouncing balls while making a great living and having a great social life and staying fit and, and, and. The reality is that even if we see what’s coming, it usually arrives ahead of our schedule for it because we think we have enough time to address it as it comes ‘later’ (and, by definition, later never comes).

There is a bonus to feeling like it’s happening all at once in that you can often create the most dramatic change in that moment. Big upheavals mean big change, and if you start creating intentionally in that moment, you can often influence the forces of change that are happening anyway to bring you more of what you want.

At any rate, chances are that, if it feels like transformation is happening all at once, you can look back and trace the beginnings of where it started. It could be that the current situation is reflecting a challenge or issue that you didn’t get handled the first time around for some reason. 

Whatever is happening in your life right now, there are signs that change is on the way and it’s time to be intentional about how you are showing up through the change process so you can proactively create what you want.

One of the most pervasive signs is that you feel a vague sense of restlessness, of unease, of wanting something but not knowing what it is. It’s an irking feeling that I describe as feeling like a Lamborghini stuck behind a lawnmower. It can feel evasive but gnawing, like registering a sound that bugs you but not placing it until you realize it’s the refrigerator humming (which we often don’t even notice that until it’s off!). A sense of restlessness is the pre-adrenaline rush that is preparing you for fight or flight until you figure out that there is a bigger reason for why you feel the way you do. To the degree you feel restless is to the degree that change is imminent for you.

You’ll see that things around you are breaking, not working anymore or even ending. That could be physical things in your home, such as appliances, light bulbs, doorbells, or furniture. It could be projects where you just aren’t on track due to circumstances seemingly beyond your control…. clients who are taking their business elsewhere or making unusual requests... maybe it is routines or habits that you have difficulty with or just don’t follow through on anymore. A big one is that relationships no longer fit you or haven’t grown with your life flow.

Our relationships are our mirrors, so if we don’t like what we see, it’s time to pay attention to that quality in ourselves for positive intervention. We might go through a time where we are communicating but our people aren’t hearing or understanding us. Maybe they are telling us to slow down, to take a break when we know we need to keep going or even speed up. It seems they don’t understand or relate to us anymore. We no longer pace our relationships the same way. It may come to decision time in choosing whether the relationship can be repaired or if it just needs to be replaced with someone who is more in alignment with who you are now.

Another thing that could “break” is your body. If you are having odd little accidents, or health twinges, or something different happening with your body, it is a sign that things are out of whack somehow and need positive change to get back to normal operation. Things breaking could include your car, which is what gets you places; if your car is out of commission, you are standing still. 

You may find that your personal preferences change, sometimes dramatically. Maybe you used to like wearing a particular clothing style or color, and suddenly that no longer suits you. Or it could be that your favorite food used to be cake and now it’s fresh vegetables. Sometimes it’s even as light as changing your computer settings or favorite tv shows, or preferred genre of books and movies.

A significant sign that you are ready to create change is that you start receiving messages. You start noticing things in a different way, such as billboard signage speaking to you or the radio song singing to you. Maybe unusual sights pique your interest, like squirrels showing up to escort you as you take your morning walk. Maybe you take notice of people who you aren’t naturally drawn to for some reason, and suddenly you see them in a different light. Or people are saying same thing in different ways and at different times – you notice a thread, a message in their words.

Speaking of words, it could be that your language changes – both your inner and your outer voice changes vocabulary, tense or subject choice. Our outer world is an expression of our inner world, so if our inner world is full of fear, our outer world will likely have all kinds of potential threats. If our inner world expects great things, our outer world will likely be offering them. Opportunities are attracted to you by your thoughts.

Opportunities are all potential realities, waiting for you to choose to act on them. Ours is not really to try to generate because they will find us in magnetic attraction to our thoughts, beliefs and being. Rather, they are ours to choose to pursue or not.

Then there are repetitive challenges as another signal of change. When you are looping through the familiar scenery of any situation, like a ‘discussion’ with a project partner or attracting the same not-right client or finding yourself with the same cash flow issues again, you are being gifted with the opportunity to identify the pattern and resolve it on your terms. If you do not step up to the challenge, you will experience that same situation again but it will be bigger, badder and bolder because it needs to get your attention. Do yourself a favor and see it in the moment so you can break the cycle before it breaks you. You do not need to suffer; you only need to wake up to your own life. 

All these signs are measures of the degree of change for which you are making space. It’s like having a full shelf – if it’s already full, you have no place to put the new things you buy. You need to make space on the shelf to accommodate your new items. So, to the degree that things are breaking, not working, ending and releasing is to the degree you can expect things to change.

Remember that the richest rewards often come from the most difficult situations. Transformation looks like it happens on the outside but the reality is that it changes you from the inside. It’s not what happens to you but how you handle it that determines your character and your quality of life. What will you do with the cards you have been dealt? This is the pivot point question that transformation offers IF you can step see it in—or at least after—the moment of change. 

And that’s what GEENI empowers you to do.

Who am I and why should you listen to or trust me?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients who have been ready for BIG change to have the clarity they need to bust out of their status quo and step into their personal power to make new decisions, take focused action and accelerate their results in having the business (and life!) they really want. 

My perspectives have been shared in the media (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC). I’ve spoken to audiences with hundreds of people and have been a guest on radio shows, podcasts and telesummits. I was recognized as one of WE Magazine’s top women in ecommerce, have won awards for business and been endorsed by hundreds of clients for my innovative approach to getting fresh results. 

I’ve written more than a dozen books, have contributed to numerous magazines and blogs, and am a columnist for a new thought magazine. Back in the day, Wallace Wattles, Catherine Ponder and James Allen were new thought authors; I’m honored to be following in their footsteps.  

I think it’s reasonable to say I have witnessed, facilitated and experienced accelerated business results in a variety of scenarios that bypassed what was deemed logical. In fact, the most dramatic results and subsequent transformation were often inspired through intuitive insights. What motivates me and stirs my soul is being able to help my clients get these accelerated results and change their lives very quickly (sometimes minutes!). And that’s what this book is about… 

By having this system, you can gain perfect clarity in the moment, regardless of the individual details of the situation. The principles behind the system are universal in nature. All they depend on is you asking and being willing to receive and act on the clarity that surfaces in response to your question(s). 

Business loves speed. The GEENI System gives you a way to take the fastest path to creating results. In some cases, my clients have literally shaved YEARS off what they had planned to do by getting clarity! 

What would you rather do? Keep doing the same thing over and over based on what you have been taught by others or access the profound, game-changing insights that are aligned with your truth as the shortest path to YOUR success?  

When you use the GEENI System to bypass your conditioned limitations and activate your intuitive potential, you will find new options and opportunities beyond anything you may have considered previously. This is not about conventional business but, instead, about using conventional tools in unconventional ways with innovative strategies based on who you are and what you know through your business. 

Since I have used this system with many clients, I’ll share real-life scenarios to demonstrate the teachings. (Client names and identities of real customers will be changed – but the stories are real.)

With what you are about to learn, you can practically guarantee your intuition will be sparked and your clarity will be engaged. Here’s to accelerating the business results you want so you can finally arrive in your best life. 

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Lynn Scheurell, business intuitive and advisor, has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to uplevel their businesses, transform their results, upgrade and attract right relationships, as well as spot and take advantage of new opportunities. view profile

Published on March 18, 2018

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