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You Aren't Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence (Updated Edition)

By Kristin N. Spencer


Have you ever felt worthless? Are you exhausted from dealing with the pain of feeling unloved and unnoticed? Have others told you that you that you have low self-esteem or a poor self-image?

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you can still learn and embrace the truth that leads to real and lasting confidence.

You Aren’t Worthless is a proven approach to help you understand your unique value as a person based on the strong and lasting foundation of God’s Word.

Do you long to feel loved and cherished? Look no further. By employing the principles set forth in You Aren’t Worthless, you will finally understand and will be able to work past all of the obstacles that have kept you from living in the fulfilled freedom that godly confidence creates.

I Know How You Feel

Have you ever felt worthless? You’re not alone. There are so many things in the world around us that tell us that we simply aren’t good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough. The world tells us that in order to get rid of our insecurities we need to believe that we are worthy by repeatedly saying we are worthy. But has that actually helped with our insecurities? It has never helped me.

There is a way that you can be delivered from the lie that you are worthless, and the goal of this book is to do just that. You Aren’t Worthless will walk you through the same healing process that God walked me through over the last fourteen years. Instead of fourteen years, the process described in this book can help you find healing from feelings of worthlessness in just a few days. This book is for anyone who has felt worthless, hurt, and like their life doesn’t matter. You do matter, and I will prove that using God’s word. On my own journey, I have discovered freedom from low self-esteem, and you can too.

As my husband and I have ministered to others through discipling and counseling over the past seven years, we have seen the negative effects that feelings of worthlessness can cause. Being a foreign missionary also gave me the advantage to see how this isn’t just a western problem, but a worldwide, spiritual epidemic.

I have seen the methods I describe in this book bring healing and freedom in Jesus Christ. A Bible-centered approach to dealing with issues of spiritual and physical insecurity creates a strong foundation for healing in this process. We will look at specific examples that draw from characters in God’s word that will help us understand how the principles taught in these examples can transform our attitudes about ourselves as individuals, and the reality that is available to us as children of God. I will also dispel popular psychological concepts that the church as a whole has wrongfully embraced as truth.

Gregory Brown, a pastor, professor, and navy reserve chaplain serving at the Handong Global University says, “Kristin exposes the lies of the world system that trap [people] and make them miss the confidence that should come from being Divine image bearers—created to display God’s glory. Throughout the rest of the book, she teaches Scriptural truths that bring healing and help foster godly confidence.”

I promise that if you follow me through the scriptures with an open heart and a prayerful attitude, you will be set free from the unrealistic expectations that have created your feelings of worthlessness and you will find new fulfillment in the truth that God’s love and creative purposes for you make you more valuable than you can imagine.

Please don’t wait to embark on your own journey of healing because you think it might be too painful, or that this kind of healing is impossible for you. Be brave and walk with me as we learn about God’s plan in creating you, and all of the ways He wants to show you that you aren’t worthless. You are very precious in His sight.

When you unlock the truth to godly confidence, it will positively improve every aspect of your life. But what if you leave things the way they are now? What risks are you taking? Changing your behavior is difficult, right? What could possibly be worth all of that effort?

First, I want to tell you that it isn’t that difficult to change your approach to confidence, and you can do so by changing one thing you do every day. Second, you may not realize it, but by settling for a low-confidence attitude, you are missing out on some very important and enjoyable aspects of life in general, but also in your walk with Jesus Christ. But what exactly does the low-confidence life cost you? Here are a few examples.

Greg is in his twenties and even though he would love to have more friends and build a positive support group to counteract his unhealthy family, the thoughts of his mother telling him how hairy and unattractive he is enters his mind every time he thinks about making an effort to get to know someone from work or church better. Why would they want to be friends with him? This low-confidence attitude permeates every aspect of Greg’s life. He’s miserable and lonely and he doesn’t know how to change things.

June loves to write, as long as she doesn’t have to deal with any peers. Self-study is the way to go as far as she is concerned. Though she knows she would benefit exponentially from joining a writing group, the idea of being critiqued by more experienced writers is paralyzing. Instead, she refuses to show anyone her writing, hoarding her manuscripts to herself, and improves at a far slower pace than anyone who is willing to reach out for help. She allows her dreams of self-publishing one of her novels to slowly die, a death harkened by her low-confidence approach to life. Her writing goals just aren’t worth the risk of letting another person see one of her potential mistakes.

After years of avoiding his calling, Tim has finally given into God and decided to become a pastor. He completes seminary and applies to every church with an opening in his denomination across the country. When he finally gets his dream job, he finds himself miserable. The elders (AKA his bosses) aren’t very happy with several things Tim just can’t seem to do right. He quits and takes a job at the local bank, where he licks his wounds and decides that maybe he isn’t a Christian after all.

What is the dilemma that these three people face? You have probably noticed a theme here: all of their problems can be traced back to their lack of godly confidence. As confidence issues progress, they can also lead to more serious obstacles such as addiction, isolation, and depression. Is there anything in your life that you want to do, but are afraid to pursue due to low confidence? With a little understanding, and a simple, daily practice, you can fully embrace godly confidence and completely transform your life.

When I discovered the truth about godly confidence, every single thing about my approach to life changed. My healthy relationships felt safe and full of love, while I noticed that my unhealthy relationships needed to change. I was finally able to pursue the career of my dreams. All of the bitterness I had been collecting against God changed into love, joy, and confidence in Him. My marriage improved. I became a better mom, daughter, sister, and friend. In addition to all of those awesome transformations, my approach to ministry changed from unsure to dynamic and compassion-driven. I became better at loving people. Does that sound appealing to you?

But before we get to the how, I want to share the why through one last story: my own.

About the author

Kristin N. Spencer spends part of each day imagining up new worlds. When she’s not writing you can find her working in full time ministry, sewing cosplay costumes, or watching geekesque movies. Her favorite movie is Sabrina (the Julia Ormond version) and her favorite person is Jesus. view profile

Published on September 15, 2019

50000 words

Genre: Christian

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