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You Are Intuitive: Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power.


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A cheerleading book encouraging you to live your truth spiritually and physically.

The key focus is to get the reader to re-establish a deeper connection within themselves spiritually whilst helping them to connect with the world around them in a more meaningful, appreciative and positive way. This book teaches you how to unlock your own unique and often hidden abilities that can contribute to creating a more energetic and empowered you. I love the emphasis of intuition as a skill to empowering oneself, all explained in a confident tone with references to relevant histories concerning the concept of being intuitive. It is certainly an informative read, not just a step-by-step self-help book. I can clearly tell throughout that the author is genuinely invested in helping the reader unlock their potential, especially spiritually. It was interesting to learn about the involvement of Spirit Guides as well as answering straight-forward questions the writer throws at you to help you unlock your true mindset about the world. The overall determined vibe proves that the author wants you to succeed. Everything about it is vibrant, even the practical aspects and especially the anecdotal parts. In fact, I felt more energetic reading it thanks to the can-do attitude embedded within the writing.

There is also a huge emphasis on trust: trusting yourself to complete the process of self-improvement, self-confidence and essentially, empowering yourself through your own motivation and the cheerleading nature of this book. The best way I can summarise it all is that Natalie Miles really does push you to think both outside the box all whilst searching for answers within yourself. That may seem confusing, but you will get what I mean once you have read this fantastic piece all about living your truth. I would love to see more like this and more creative ideas concerning the personal relationship you have with yourself from the author.

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Introduction: Your Intuition Led You Here

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Natalie Miles is an international Psychic Medium, Writer, Speaker, and Host of top spiritual podcast “So You Think You’re Intuitive?” Known for her down-to-earth approach, it is her mission to make intuition accessible to everyone. She lives in Vancouver, Canada. view profile

Published on September 29, 2020

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Genre: Self-Help & Self-Improvement

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