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Ylmi's Saga


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This Norse-inspired tale of bravery and heroism is not just a book. It's an adventure.

"We are the dragonslayers."

Ylmi's Saga is not just a book, but rather an adventure. It grabs your mind in a vice grip right from the get-go and takes you through the peaks and valleys of the cursed Isle of Vrania, where death always seems to be just a hair's breadth away. If luckily you survive its dry lands, it will then force you through the deadly currents of the waters surrounding its coasts and may even leave you fending for your life through its harshest storms and winters. 

That's how real it felt. The world-building in this book is so carefully, so mindfully laid out that it just sucks you in to fill an unseen space alongside its people to not just learn, but also experience their way of life. It never tells and always shows, cleverly weaving any information you need to know, when you need to know it, into each scene, never taking you away from the immersive experience. 

The main characters are also not just characters on a page. They breathe. They think. They assert their own individual presence and you can easily tell when someone is missing. Each have their own stubbornness, their own misgivings. Nonetheless they sit back, they think, they listen to each other and work together as a team - in the best and worst of circumstances.

They each have their reasons to take up arms, to defy the life that fate seems to have laid out before them. They dream of glory, of recognition that far surpasses their mortal breaths. But most importantly, they hope for a better life for themselves and the people they care about. These are all something we can relate to.  They are heroes we can relate to and root for to the very end.

The same can't be said about the villains, though. They're just plain greedy, power-hungry tyrants with no other motivation to speak of. I wish they had been better fleshed out. But perhaps they shall reveal more of themselves yet in the telling of their tales...?

Ylmi's Saga is the second book in the Legends of Karik series by Evan Oliver. And like its predecessor, it begins and ends with a scene by the fire in a lord's hall where a bard expertly tells these tales of old. There are many more tales ahead, no doubt. Tales reminiscent of the intrigue, mysteries and bravery of Nordic lore. Reading one will make you want to read the rest.

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Evan Oliver was raised in Texas, and splits his time between old stories, lifting heavy things, and gardening. He is fascinated with the old bards and their stories and now seeks to tell a few tales for modern readers that hark back to the richness and depth of the old masters. view profile

Published on September 01, 2021

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