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YES TO SOCIAL DANCE: 35+ Partner Dance Styles to Stay Fit, Find Joy & Make Connections


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Yes To Social Dance explores the world of social dancing including salsa, ballroom, tango, swing, zouk, bachata, and kizomba.

I love the noncompetitive nature of social dancing and have always wanted to learn salsa. In Yes To Social Dance, Myra Kolm presents an insightful commentary on social dance with this four part easy to digest book. Part one looks at the world of social dance; part two covers popular scenes and styles in the 21st century; part three houses the best dance styles for you; and part four provides information on the courage to social dance.

I love this book, but what I love even more than reading this book is the free eight-day video compilation. This free eight-day video compilation is an overview of the most popular partner dancing styles in the 21st century. Another great resource from the author us the free access to videos dealing with the evolution of partner dancing. This is a brilliant move by the author to include such valuable resources because these can further help to pique interest in social dancing. Be prepared to provide your contact information though because the information is sent to your email address. I realize that this can also turn off a lot of persons who do not wish to provide all that information to have access to the videos.

The book is purely theoretical, so don’t expect to learn how to dance from reading Yes To Social Dance. What this book will do is fuel your interest in social dance, in the hopes that you will want to learn the steps if you have never danced before. If you had misconceptions about social dance (I am wondering who would), Myra Kolm encourages everyone to put aside their misconceptions, taboos, or fears and just dance.

In Yes To Social Dance, Myra takes the time to explore over 35 of the most popular social dance styles. The accompanying free video downloads will bring the book to life for the reader. The author discusses the health benefits of social dancing as she details the top eight social dance scenes available in the world today. Yes To Social Dance will help each reader in different ways depending on your level of experience with social dance. Even social dance teachers and experienced dancers could learn a thing or two from reading this book.

So, whether you are looking for a new hobby, want to start social dancing, or just started taking dance classes, this is a book that you might find interesting. Find what works for your physical preferences and needs and then go out and dance. Do not forget to sign up for the free videos that the author provides and just start dancing. I know I will!

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Myra is a real social dance enthusiast. She has danced with thousands of people and trained with some of the most influential instructors in the world. After all these years, she is still amazed by the positive influence social dance has on health, happiness, social life, and relationships. view profile

Published on August 05, 2020

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